1. I thought it was you in the video before I started watching it. You will have to put a clip of yourself on YouTube so we can hear your voice. I have always thought of you as having a very sweet and kind voice 😉 THanks for the recipe too. We are going to try this once I find a pan on Ebay!

  2. That would be a wonderful thing! I think the sisters would love them!! O, on a day like today, I’ll bet you’re missing the Valley — ahhhhh, the sunny Valley.

    I know our family thinks they’re the best!!

    Thanks for writing. I’m glad you’re home!


  3. Pamela,
    I love Solvang. I went there one year when we were living in the Central Valley. I also really like aebleskivers. I even have a pan to make them. Maybe I will bring them sometimes to Pam’s.

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