I ♥ marriage

teacuppamela.pngI love it.  I love my own and I love others’ marriages as well.  I love God’s beautiful plan for marriage – His picture and His design.  I love the imagery of marriage and am thankful that God, in His gracious wisdom and mercy, created marriage and called it a picture of Christ and the church — the Lord and His bride… that’s an incredible picture — an incredible gift.  What a loving and merciful God — to show us Himself by what He creates, what He designs and what He establishes.

So, yeah…I marriage.  I’ve seen a lot of great marriages.  I’ve seen more not-so-great marriages and still more really bad marriages — that is if I use the term “marriage” synonymously with the term “relationship.”  In reality – marriage and relationship are not the synonymous.  But for the sake of this conversation and for the sake of understanding, I’ll use it that way when talking about a covenent relationship between a man and a woman — bcz that’s what marriage really is.  It’s not just a paper declaring an event has occured and it’s not just a ceremony witnessed by at least two others.  It’s a covenent established by God signifying the joining of two lives – the blending of two halves the making of twain, one flesh.  That’s a beautiful picture – but so lost on so many who are married but don’t live it, don’t understand it, don’t treasure it and don’t worry about the dire consequences for being careless about marriage and the message that gives the watching Word and, especially what it says about the Lord, the bishop and overseer of our souls.

I loved the movie: Fireproof.  O, I said that, didn’t I.  Well, may I say again: I loved the movie Fireproof.

There are so many marvelous helps, methods of encouragement — things to do to turn a relationship around that the Lord can take your mess and make into the marriage *He* designed and created it to be.  But you’ve got to be willing to do whatever it takes.Life Innovation’s Prepare-Enrich has and interesting marriage quiz you and your spouse can take: Here.   And… if at all possible, please go see the movie: Fireproof. You will be so blessed and your marriage will be helped – no matter where you’re at in marriage – good, bad, great, terrible, agonized or elated… you will take something away from this movie that will deepen your relationship with your spouse – but more importantly, with the Lord.

Fireproof your Marriage

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  1. Thank you so much for the introduction to this movie! I am planning an “unconditional love” evening for my husband’s birthday tomorrow… dinner out (or maybe a picnic), the Love Dare book, a birthday letter promising him that I will love him unconditionally, and finally a date to see the Fireproof movie.

    I have been trying to think of a gift that is “good enough” for my precious husband and when I read your posts, God led me to this idea. There is nothing that could please my husband more than having my unconditional love and my promise to him to be that person who will always give that kind of love to him.
    Thanks so much for your part in our special date!

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