Bountiful beauty


Pretty soon the beautiful hydrangeas will stop blooming for the year…
For now, each morning I love to walk around the yard and see the beautiful variety and  lovely shades of  blues, greens,  purples, lavenders and red hydrangeas… these are  my favourite flowers… but the roses are quite lovely, too.

pink rose

white roses

in the rose garden are candlelight roses, lavender, various pinks, yellow, peach, coral and white… the whites are particularly beautiful this year!


produce from the garden this morning… in addition to many(!) zucchini, yellow squash, beans and onions, Naomi and ‘melia picked some carrots.  They came running in to show me the “married carrots” and the “pants carrots.”  I smiled… at the married carrots… sweet, innocent girls thought the carrots were dancing bcz they were married.  Sweet.  I love the delightfully sweet innocence of children.

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  1. I’m trying to grow a hydrangea plant, and having a terrible time. First the leaves all start to get brown and die. So the internet says I need to water more. And I do, so leaves stop dropping off, but nothing else is happening, and some leaves still get big brown crunchy spots. No blooms, and I’m quite discouraged, having been at this for two months! Any suggestions?
    To God be all glory,
    Lisa of Longbourn

  2. I heard from my sweet Mamma B. all about your gorgeous hydrangeas…and I just love the story of the “married carrots” and the two little girls who found them.

  3. These are so lovely to see!! I especially love the white roses. My garden was more than decimated by hail last week 🙁 Oh well, not leaving behind a bountiful garden will make the move easier. I’m happy for you and all the fruit of your labor (and the *fruit* of your *labor*!).

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