I’ve missed blogging…


I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately… things I like to do, things I used to do… habits and regimens that have been most important in my life… things I’ve left off doing, things I need to prioritize.

I like to write.
I like to blog.
I like to share slices of life.
I like to write about what’s going on. and. what. I. think. about. it.
I like to link to others who think — really think — about things.
I like to hear from you.
I like to share photos.
I like to share stories.

I think it’s all part of the fact that I always thought I was born to be a princess. And, perhaps, that I think everyone wants to hear about something I thought was worth writing about — now, I didn’t say everyone wants to read what *I* thought about something, no, no, no…. I mean, when I see something in the news or a book or a study or hear something on the airwaves, I think others will want to hear about it too.

Problem is, (if you keep reading here) you’ll have to sift out my take on it, put it through your own filter, see what you think and… well, maybe you’ll come back and read again some other day. And then again, maybe not. That’s the cool thing about the proliferation of blogs. There’re hundreds of thousands of blogs from which to choose — dozens and dozens of newspages with hundreds of links everyday — so there’s surely no shortage of stuff to read.

When I started blogging over five years ago, there weren’t a bazillion blogs from which to choose and so it was easy to write, add links for further browsing pleasure and so on. I didn’t use a service like I do now with WordPress. At first I didn’t keep monthly blogs on my site for future reference… I just cleared the page at the beginning of each month and started in again. But then I realized I would want to reference something and so decided to keep monthly blogs as their own file. Even today I go back to those blogs for info and sometimes just to reminisce – I’m migrating those to this blogsite for ease of navigation and for posterity, too, I guess. Today, there are so many blogs that one could not possibly regularly visit all the favourites. and. still. get. *any*thing. done.

Still… I miss blogging everyday. So… along with several other resolves to resume ‘stuff I used to do’ – I think I’ll attempt to do so once again. It’s therapeutic for me — and it’s cheaper than therapy — and, besides, I was born to be a princess.


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  1. I am so glad you came to this conclusion, and I too find blogging to be theraputic. And I have to remember I am leaving a legacy as I write down bits and pieces of the story of our life.

  2. Pamela,
    so glad to have you back! You have so much to share and I really appreciate what you have to say…You are a true Titus 2 woman and I thank you for that.

  3. I’m glad to read your blog this morning…I’ve missed you! I have felt like I should have been born a princess, too, except for the whole tiara thing and those high heeled shoes! (yuck)
    BUT, my dear husband treats me like a princess most of the time…or at least, his “precious lady”…which is a wonderful thing to be called. We’re also, as Believers, a child of the KING so ladies are indeed PRINCESSES, right????
    (At least that’s what I keep telling myself as I scrub the royal “Thrones” (toilets)with my “scepter” and clean out the royal kitty’s litter box…

  4. I have been wondering where you were at! I don’t get to get on the internet and have even started thinking that the LORD is pulling me away from it all together but I miss reading your ponders. It always gives me something to chew on during the day. Even if I don’t keep coming to visit because of my leaving the internet presence, I will remember you.

    Mrs. D Garcia

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