Remember a few months ago…

I wrote about all the swooning and fainting at Obama speeches and you know, I thought the whole deal was a perfect set up for the campaign or, rather, the candidate, to appear ‘messiah-like’ in his presentation and presence. He notices the fainting ones… he seemed to care… he was the only one offering help… he was a-mazing. He met felt needs, he presented material people wanted to hear, he appeared to care, he was sensitive, he offered solutions, he promised good things, he seemed to have all the answers…

I kept wondering [and I keep wondering]… is he really only a US Senator? Does he ever go to work? It’s incredible – only in America – could this happen… media driven America and the who-cares-what-he’s-done-I-like-how-he-sounds! What, actually, does he do? Or, what, actually, has he done?  I don’t mean what has he proposed or what has he talked about doing… I mean, what has he done?

Incredible, isn’t it!?!? No real track record of actual accomplishments. No great wisdom or understanding – to produce a change that will be actually wise and beneficial. No wise counsel or solutions – but lots of schmooze for the masses. Is it really *not* important to the American people that the Emperor really has no clothes? Incredible… as with so many other things… poor, poor America.

Here you go: look what Obama has done for you. [keep clicking, there’s more… much more]

But really, Rick Warren’s got all the answers for you here.

[edited Wednesday morning; for incredulity, humour is a bit of a tension reliever.]

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  1. Oooooooooooo. No, I hadn’t seen it, but now that I have read that piece I’m convinced more than ever that the days ahead are going to be very, very amazing. I guess, too, I’m comforted(?) that many are questioning the ‘one’ we’ve been waiting for. Each next statement, speech or trip is more unbelievable than the previous — I’m astonished at the level of support/endorsement. Every day I find myself saying: o-wha…..? are you kidding me?

    The days ahead are going to be simply amazing… even so, Come Lord Jesus.

    Thanks for the link, Julie. And, Erin, I’m glad you saw the humour – it was simply meant as only that – I know I’m starting to go off, but I really don’t want to get into slinging mud on the guy – for, it’s not a personal attack – it’s the public actions, attitudes, promises, and seeming arrogance… that’s what I’m referring to.

    God bless you both!


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