sorrow skips no home

(updated Thursday night) Please pray for the Bryant family – pray as led… this is a very sad situation — read here.

God is only good and is sovereign.  His ways are higher than our ways — His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.  O, that God will carry this dear family through this valley of sorrow and may He comfort them in time of need.

I received a very loving and tender letter from Lorrie Flem (“TEACH”) and here is a sincere & tenderhearted list of requests she presented.  Will you join us in prayer for this precious family??

quotebegin.gifPray for the Lord to give you His heart for how to pray for this family. Pray specifically for:

  • Rachel, for her to banish guilt and rest in the peace that passes understanding
  • The other 8 children as they deal with this tragedy and the day to day reality of life without their baby sister
  • For Barry, the father as he prepares to lead a memorial service for Hannah on Sunday
  • For Heather, the mama for her heart to instantly turn to Him for comfort when waves of sorrow wash over her
  • For the entire family to lean on Him and to actually feel His presence as He walks alongside them grieving too

I believe, and Heather believes, that God is their refuge. Please pray for their strength and their comfort in the days ahead.”

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