“Should Home-Schooling Be Illegal?”

teacuppamela.pngThat’s the title of an article in this week’s Parade magazine: Should Home-Schooling Be Illegal?

I don’t often read much of the Sunday paper – well, that is, unless an article catches my eye or unless there’s a series I’m following. So this week, as I was tidying up the table, I was just glancing through the different pages and sections and happened to open the Parade magazine to the page where the aforementioned article is posted in the IntelligenceReport (Parade.com/intel) column. There’s just something about certain words that catches my eye and when I see particular words in the same heading, I take notice! Today’s words? Home-schooling and Illegal.

The very brief article that opens with question: Should home-schooling be illegal? and closes with the question: Should parents need teaching credentials to home-school their kids?

You can vote in the poll here. I think the results might surprise you.


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  1. I read some of the articles on home schooling. Although I am a born again Bible believing Christian, I am still against home schooling unless you have no choice (like living out in the country miles away from the nearest school). I have seen where a mother has a baby and older kids along with younger kids, trying to take care of the baby and youngest children while trying to teach at the same time. I believe our children have a right to a proper education. At the same time I feel if a mother cannot put her “all” into teaching, she should send the children to school. I am a high school graduate and yes, with a Diploma, not a GED. I myself could not teach my own children at home. I am just not qualified. Even if a parent has a college degree does not mean they will be great teachers to home school. In high school there are a lot of required classes and elective classes to take. One parent at home teaching all this? Really? No, I don’t think so! Also children that are home schooled not only miss out on learning more and having a choice of classes, they also miss out on social skills, such as how to act in public and how to treat others at a job. I have met kids who have been home schooled and many have poor social skills and bad manners. They act in public as they would act at home, not knowing any better. Why? Well, because mom and dad wanted to keep them separate from the world (which by the way they will have to work in someday) and the kids get out in the world and forget where they are and are lost.

    Any true born again parents know what to teach their children at home. This all falls hand in hand with trusting the Lord to take care of your children at school. Also there are born again children who know the truth. Parents need to quit worrying about the “bad things” in the world and accept the cold hard reality that their children will one day face the world alone! They will have to get jobs and work. Why isolate them to the home and then when they get older, send them out in a world and suddenly they are scared? Born again children will know to trust the Lord at school. Also the classes they take will be great learning. Maybe not the ones on evolution, but those are really short and a Christian child will know the truth. Parents can also look at their childs text books and read to see what it is they are learning. Don’t forget that getting up and going to school also teaches a child responsibility, such as being on time for school as they would at a job, getting along with others as they would at a job (this falls into social skills). Also they will learn respect for others and how to behave in public, how to talk to other people. Kids who are home schooled often have to come out of that shell and learn as adults not to be shy.

    About home schooling being against the law, I feel people should interview the older children and teenagers who are home schooled. It is amazing what they say. Many of them want nothing more than to be in school so they can have friends and choose subjects of interest and get ready for college. My sister in law is 14. her parents and her are born again Christians and yes, she attends public school and does great. She does not wish to be home schooled. I am the one who talked her parents into letting her go to school, as they left a Hutterite colony after they got saved. Here in Montana home schooling has gotten out of hand. There are older siblings with no GED or Diploma, home schooling younger brothers and sisters. It is terrible! God did give us brains, along with common sence. So now do I think home schooling should be against the law? Absolutly Yes!

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