globalization and botched ops

This, though sounding like a line from a mainstream ‘pastor’ in the States, is from the last paragraph of Tony Blair’s “Faith and Globalisation” lecture: “If people of different faiths can co-exist happily, in mutual respect and solidarity, so can our world. And if faith takes its proper place in our lives, then we can live with a purpose beyond ourselves alone, supporting humanity on its journey to fulfilment.” And this is the opening line of the lecture: “Let me summarise my argument to you this evening. Under the momentum of globalisation the world is opening up, and at an astonishing speed. Old boundaries of culture, identity and even nationhood are falling.” [sic]

teacuppamela.pngSo, I’m contemplating — no, not spirituality ;o) — all that’s going in the world and I guess I’d really have to agree with one of his comments: “the world is opening up at an astonishing speed.”

Here’s a little more, from the same lecture:

quotebegin.gifThe foundation will concentrate on certain key specifics. The first will be to help the different faith organisations to work together in furtherance of the Millennium Development Goals [*]… which are, in many ways the litmus test of the world’s values. Faith groups do great individual work in this area…. if helped also to combine together. The MDGs are stark in their ambition and necessity. We are falling short as a world in meeting them. It would be a great example of faith in action to try to bridge the gap and awaken the world’s conscience. The second will be to produce high quality material – books, websites, every means of communication… The foundation will concentrate, in the immediate term, on the six main faiths, the Abrahamic three and Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. But, though the foundation will expressly not be confined to the Abrahamic faiths, we will partner existing organisations that promote better understanding and co-existence between Christians, Muslims and Jews, notably in The Coexist Foundation’s [**] vision of creating Abraham House here in London, where people of those faiths but also others, can encounter some of their traditions, explore their roots and, without glossing over their differences, discover what they share. We will also help partner those within any of the faiths who stand up for peaceful co-existence… But I freely confess there is a broader objective.”
[* The UN Millenium Development Goad link added – only for info, not endorsement]
[** TCF link added – only for info, not endorsement]

The unity message was hitting pretty close to home this past week with several international ‘guests’ in nearby Seattle at the Seeds of Compassion conference. Now, to be clear, I’m really not opposed to ‘leaders’ from other areas, nations, etc., visiting — so, it’s not what I’m referencing here at all. It’s just so disconcerting to hear supposed Christians refer to these guests as if to endorse or even be in agreement with what they stand for. In addition to referencing the use ‘his holiness’ or ‘holy father’ in connection with any earthly man – but particularly those who are guests in the US this week – I feel greatly discouraged that opportunities to tell the Truth were not only missed, but because they were missed, the Truth was essentially denied. There is only one holy Father and that’s God – only one Holy and that’s Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Just because a prominent man is called thus and such by his own followers, does not mean that a believer in Jesus should ever refer to that man as ‘holy’ or ‘his holiness’ or whatever.

In these last days… O, how I pray God will raise up men who will stand in the gap – and though there doesn’t seem to be a radical, visible gap yet when “Christians” like Rob Bell refuse to take a stand for Jesus – the day is likely coming when those who stand for the Cross and those who don’t will be clearly seen. Though given an incredible opportunity to proclaim the Truth, Rob Bell seemed more aligned with those who don’t follow Jesus than with those who have even a little or maybe even no understanding of the Truth. What a pitiful shame he never used the platform to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ and salvation by faith in Jesus alone and did not distinguish himself as a Christian and therefore, by default – his own fault – was (perhaps unwittingly – perhaps fear? perhaps something else?) appeared to be in alliance with the one-worlders and complicit with other ‘religions.’ Jesus said, in Matthew 10.33, “But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.”

I feel quite sure that those of other “religions” were/are surely not sympathetic with followers of Jesus Christ as Rob Bell apearred to be with other ‘religions.’ Rob Bell answered one of the questions from the audience: (as best I could transcribe from the audio)

quotebegin.gif…Life is journey… and journey is a fundamentally different way to understand life than destination and on a journey all I am responsible for is the next step and that’s all I’m e-v-e-r asked for – is the next step I don’t have to have it all figured out, I don’t have to defend it all I don’t have to have it all nailed down and and if you can shift from destination understanding to an to to journey it frees you – to take life as it comes let it be what it is and do the next right thing.”  — Rob Bell

The moderator was…   well, decide for yourself – listen for yourself to Rob Bell here (see second video as quoted in part above).   I’m thinking Ingrid correctly states: “The emerging emporer is without clothes”

The Berean Call’s Ancient-Future Heresies – McMahon


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  1. Pamela, you are hitting it on target! Yippie!!! I will be posting a tract I wrote to hand out to women fairly soon. It will be Living As A Woman for Christ in These Last Days…
    My husband and I do street and public evangelism / exhortation to Christians for about 5 years now. It is an amazing reality that the ‘corner church’ has reached a place of no turning back – at least I believe they are nearly all walking as the harlot, and not representing our Holy Lord. Your site has some good reading, and I look forward to more.

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