What a day that will be…

Wes’s dad died eight years ago and at his memorial service his own mother spoke of the son she loved, was so proud of and would greatly miss. She shared some poignant stories and a few humourous anecdotes that really engaged the crowd gathered there to celebrate his life that day in the church he had pastored for many years. She closed her remarks about her son saying, “Goodnight, son, I’ll see you in the morning.”

Well, today was that morning.  I’m sure: a glad and happy reunion.  The dear and precious woman we all call grandma passed from this life into the arms of the Lord; her hope, her strength and her Redeemer.    She longed for home — longed for heaven — longed to see Jesus face to Face.

Born in 1908, she was nearly 100 years old and lived a marvelous life of faith and joyful obedience to the Lord — much of her life in full time ministry.  The Lord was good to her… in and through her.  What a testimony to His merciful kindness, His faithfulness, protection and provision.  She was a remarkable woman, ever eager to share the hope of the Gospel, to visit and to help others — ever ready to host a prayer meeting or a Bible study and just as eagerly to listen to one in need, despair or rejoicing.

Her smile was a comfort and a consolation; her laughter was infectious and her zest for life contagious.  I loved her as my own grandmother all these years and she treated me as such… for I’m pretty sure she never distinguished the “in-law’s” any differently that her own grandchildren.  My mother-in-law is just the same toward me, too.  How grateful I am for my husband’s Christian heritage on both paternal and maternal sides of his family… how grateful I am for the loving kindness they’ve shown all these years… what a blessing and testimony they are to me – to our family.  Grandma loved us and prayed for us… for these two things I am eternally grateful and it is these two things that makes it bittersweet to say good-bye for now.

So… instead, I will say, O, what a day that will be when I see you again.  Until then, thank you, Grandma — for a life well lived, for an example to follow, for a promise to keep, for memories to treasure, for joys to remember, for the honour of being your family, for your loving kindness and tender concern for us, for our children and for our grandchildren.   I’ve loved you – and I will always.

Goodnight, Grandma, I’ll see you in the morning.

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  1. Pamela and family,
    May God comfort you knowing that your grandma is rejoicing with the Lord and your loved ones.

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