Lunch at our house

Ways with Nutella

Nutella on toast
Nutella on tortillas (pronounced by one: tee-torahs)
Nutella on apple slices
Nutella on knives
Nutella on homemade gingersnaps
Nutella on carrot sticks
Nutella on fingers
Nutella on potato rolls
Nutella on peanutbutter filled pretzels

Nutella is a marvelous complement to just about anything – really, limited only by one’s imagination. Well, that, at the bottom of the jar. I could earn a lot of money if I sold secret to the location of the other jar. That first one was part of the two pack from Costco. Perhaps soon even I will discover where the second jar is. :o)

So that was lunch at our house today.

0 thoughts on “Lunch at our house

  1. Oh Pamela,
    I laughed and laughed when I read this as I can only too much relate to it…when you find your second jar, call me and tell me where it was so I can find mine…I have Children CRAVING nutella on a croissant, Nutella on a spoon, Nutella all over their adorable faces, Nutella kisses from Momma…Nutella is a good thing!
    Thanks for the giggle…

  2. Wow, I didn’t know anyone else loved Nutella as much as we do! Our twenty-one-year-old was looking for it last night. I just kept hush, because I had just cleaned every last little, teeny, tiny bit out of the last jar and enjoyed it with the last piece of our daughter’s homemade bread. *giggle* Yum!

  3. I’m Smiling! I think everyone here has a craving for Nutella… even when they’ve just had some! I don’t quite know what it is about Nutella – but it sure is sooooo delicious.

    O, Timothy would probably love a taste of Nutella right about now! That, or standing at the sink eating elbow dripping raspberry freezer jam on potato rolls. :o)

    thanks for writing, you two!

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