Just checking in…

Everything’s alright — time’s just tight.
Nothing new — just lots to do.
No time to write — even up late at night.
But one thing’s true — I’ve been thinking of you.
And there’s still lots to say — maybe later today.

0 thoughts on “Just checking in…

  1. Thank you, Vikki, CF and Sunday…
    I just haven’t been able to spend much time here recently as I have been redoubling my efforts to be sure I’m continually living what I write and to consciously live according to the Lord’s will and way and means I’ve had to examine use of time and be very careful about the amount of time here at the computer and so on. So, in addition to dealing with a bit of painful gout in my right thumb (yay – i’m left handed) and the difficulty with typing, I’ve just been working around our home/family.

    Thank you for your kindness and concern. with love, pamela

  2. What a cute poem! I have been wondering if all was well with you and yours. So glad to hear it is!

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