teacuppamela.png How will these things be, Lord? How will the end times be? I have often wondered. How will the church be deceived and what will come of the church in the last days?

So then, I read with… interest(?) no, sadness: this article on A Common Word Between Us and You and I was grieved with the truthiness of the letter, the error and the misrepresentation and twisting of Truth. The Lord God – is not a universal or common god of each religion as is claimed. It is at once untrue and impossible. And, further, the first two Commandments are not the same in the two different religions as the article states – neither can they be. The letter says that “God’s goodness is infinite and not bound by anything…” — I would say that God’s goodness is bound by Truth – God is not a man that He could lie.

But, while the article itself was grievous and all the subtle nuances surrounding it, the deeper regret is at least one of the signatories whose name is toward the end of the alphabet near the bottom of the page. Actually, I’m not really at all surprised by Hybels and Schuller… but that last one?

As I was saying yesterday… the lack of moral character, knowledge and reverence for the Word of God and faith in the only True and Living God through Jesus Christ our Lord, is evidenced more and more – this article is more proof of that.

Everything must change.” that’s the new lie mantra… and you’ve got to wonder: Is it not grievous that the Truth is being exchanged for a lie? Where does the Bible fit in all of this and where is the Lord (of the shifters) in all of this?

“Shifts: Rediscovering Spiritual Formation: From Monastic Communities to the emergent church, spiritual formation continues to shift and change a whole new generation of Christians.”

And then there’s: Center for Action and Contemplation

And then there’s Summerhill

And if that wasn’t enough, my friend sent me this article… for the mix of today’s tossed salad of news in the contemporary ‘church’ today.




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  1. Dear sweet CF and Carolyn –

    Thank you for writing… I’m thankful for sisters (and brothers) in Christ who are seeing these things and for the encouragement it is that God’s ways are perfect -regardless- what ‘man’ says or does concerning His Word.

    My concern is that the church will see the fallacies that are misleading the ‘church’ today. My prayer is that men who author/lead/endorse the ‘purpose driven’ church will -stop- and -turn- the other way. I pray that the Light will be shed abroad. And that the lies and propaganda that are taken in as truth will be refuted -with the Truth- and that all the attempts to make ‘christianity’ fit the world will be stopped and that the world through Jesus Christ will be brought to the Truth and be saved.

    Study to show thyself approved unto God – a workman that needeth not to be ashamed; rightly dividing the Word of Truth.

    Thanks again… and God bless you.

  2. It can and will get worse, unfortunately. Reading the names on that list from churches that I should would “know better.” Goodness, and think of those poor Amish families. Praise God that Jesus is coming back soon!

  3. I’m not sure who the other person was that surprised you in that article. I know I don’t know all the names of the so called Christians so I may have not just known it.

    I am continually suprised by what is happening within the church. I know I should not be but I am. The thing that scares me the most is that I consider myself not educated in the Word but even reading some of these peoples articles, I see what they are doing. I used to ask the LORD to wait until my children were grown, before He returned but I don’t do that anymore. I see how bad it gets each day and I think “can it get any worse?”

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