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teacuppamela.pngBut I do wonder what in the world I did when I didn’t have an internet cafe in my sunroom. When my tea time or coffee’s didn’t include ‘visits’ from such an array of ‘friends’ or when I didn’t have notes and pictures from friends and family each day. I wonder what in the world I did when I didn’t read story after story about what’s going on in the church today and all the teachings that are muddying the waters of the faith.



It’s frosty. The hydrangeas are all droopy. And blackened. Summer is a distant memory… and the boy who used a snowboard to slide down the slope of the field outside my window and called it ‘sunboarding’ is now all bundled up and told me today that he was so happy to be able to go out ‘frostboarding’ as much as he wanted! I love that scruffy little gravelly voiced boy. I love that he is so clever and so happy each day. I love that he has a sweet imagination and that he loves life. I love that he daydreams and asks me if every one likes to daydream. I love that he exuberantly waits for the morning and loves to see the sunrise and delights in the phases of the moon with me.

Well… I guess I could have blogged more about these days… but I’ve spent far too much of my ‘computer time’ reading all the different things going on in the sphere and so…

Tomorrow we will have our church family here and I think Timothy will be sharing a bit more of his plans as a missionary to Ghana. He has many things to take care of before he leaves… and the blessing of the fellowship is essential. We believe the Lord has called him to serve and he is trusting in faith that the Lord is ordering his steps and provide for the work. Since Timothy was a very young boy he has known the Lord was calling him to serve as a missionary and so in obedience to that call, Timothy has been preparing to go…

A funny side note… For the meal tomorrow, Hannah requested cold cereal (well… it is her birthday wish after all). So… in addition to celebrating fellowship and the Lord’s supper, I think she’ll love it that we’re having cold cereal in her honour! I know, I know – I can’t believe I just typed the Lord’s supper and cold cereal in the same sentence. O, well… just keepin’ it real here. So, anyway… I’m guessing there will be some who won’t think cold cereal is as awesome as Hannah thinks it is, but I’m thinking there will be more than a few who’ll be pretty thrilled with the cereal extravaganza dining pleasure (her brothers are thrilled!). I’ll post pics later.


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  1. Hello sweet CF –
    *yes* I did receive the card and photos and what a lovely family you are/have.

    Thank you for them… I can see your smiling face right here!

    Hope you are doing well… feeling well. I have been meaning to write to you and Keri — soon I want to do that! I pray for God to comfort and bless you both.

    with love, pamela

  2. Yes, Mama… cereal does a body good… well, that’s just what happened… it did Hannah a lot of good and the ‘church body’ was blessed, too!


    I love you!

  3. Looking forward to seeing some recent photos of your family. Did you receive the photo I sent in the mail to you awhile back? I figured you got caught up with life and didn’t get back to me about it.

    Be blessed this day,

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