Thanksgiving ~ 2007

teacuppamela.pngI did not cook a turkey today. And only tonight does that feel -so- strange. There is no turkey carcass in a stockpot simmering on the stove tonight. No scent of poultry seasoning – onion – garlic – sage – rosemary and thyme. There’s not even a hint, tonight, that those foods have ever been prepared in this old farmhouse. There is no mess tonight. There are no left-over’s in the fridge tonight . Our table didn’t look like this today and there were no tryptophan induced naps this afternoon. And tonight: No turkey – dressing – mashed potatoes – sweet potato casserole – jell-O salad – green beans – stuffing – gravy – cornbread . On what would’ve/should’ve been my thirtieth Thanksgiving turkey dinner preparation/presentation, another menu played out instead.

Sometime last week, Hannah thought maybe we could (gasp) do something totally radical this year and have a brunch instead of traditional Thanksgiving dinner… well, that resonated well around our home and we all agreed it was a fun plan. Well, it was a good plan. I wouldn’t say it was as delicious as some might think a traditional Thanksgiving dinner is, but it was fine. Different and fine. My husband, for one, was thankful. Bacon. Yeeeeessssssss. So, maybe no more bacon for a loooooooooong time.

But tonight, no left-over’s. For whatever reason, it was hard for me to get everything prepared and set out on time for our brunch this morning… I was close, but somewhat slow and the combination of different dishes was difficult to prepare simultaneously. Though I actually had made small quantities / samplers of each dish. We had french toast puff, cinnamon rolls, aebleskivers, waffles, cheese & ham, veggie-sausage, bacon, dried fruits and nuts, fruit platters, juice and coffeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Notice I didn’t say we don’t have any pumpkin pie. We actually do have lots of pumpkin pie(s!).

It is Thanksgiving after all. 😉

Never fails: The paper was filled with ads! – ads! – and more ads! today.

Everything I never wanted before today! Everything I was content to live without throughout the past year – throughout my whole lifetime – was displayed in living colour pictures here in our home this evening and as suddenly as some of the pages were opened and turned, I found myself wanting needing things I didn’t even know I wanted or needed! I found myself suddenly contemplating getting up a 4am for the doorbuster sale of a lifetime. I found myself rationalizing that some of these so-worth-it items were n-e-c-e-s-s-i-t-i-e-s I just had to have!!!

O. But wait a minute. I don’t really want to get up at 4. And, besides, I don’t exactly have the money for those necessities. And… wait. I didn’t even know I needed – I didn’t even know I wanted those things. Wait… some things I didn’t even know existed before tonight. So… tonight I am figuring: if I didn’t need it this morning – if I didn’t want it this morning and if I didn’t even know of the existence of some of this stuff this morning… why in the world would I lose a minute of delicious sleep fretting over whether I could manage to get up at 4 in the morning and scurry out in the freezing cold to be there for the chance to be one the first hundred customers for this year’s fabulous doorbuster items (I didn’t previously know I wanted).

I don’t usually get a chance to have a picture with our oldest son…
So here’s one… a bear hug.




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  1. Pictures sent, as requested. 🙂

    Thank you so much for all of your suggestions, tips, hints, advice and practical experience that you so freely shared with me over the last few months. It made everything run so much more smoothly. Serving a huge meal to 25 family members and 2 friends was something this only child never envisioned. As I said before – we are blessed.
    love you . . .

  2. O—– I am so glad for you! Over the last few months I have so been enjoying your wonderful journey to this Thanksgiving! And so to hear that it was *the* Thanksgiving of Thanksgivings! is wonderful music to my ears and visions to my eyes. Pictures, please!

    Thanks for you.
    Love you, too.

  3. Pamela,
    Well, as you know, we had a traditional Thanksgiving here. Boy, did we ever! We had Thanksgiving coming out of all 27 pairs of ears that made it. And it truly was wonderful, and exhausting, and more wonderful! So much so that the 6 people in this family slept in until 10 this morning. No early shopping today – we didn’t even change out of our jammies. Just leftovers and games and relaxing together all day. We’ve been so blessed!
    Love you . . .

  4. Not all of our children were home this year. Our son is on his way to the middle east and our daughter and son-in-law spent it with his folks. So we invited friends over instead, which made it a wonderful day.

    I am not a shopper, so I talked (not too hard) my wonderful husband into taking the girls and I fishing this morning. We had a wonderful time, didn’t catch anything, but really enjoyed God’s creation.

    Thanks for sharing, Pam. You are always an inspiration!!

  5. What a sweet photo Pamela! Sadly not all of my children could make it this year, as they celebrated with in-laws, so it was an odd sort of Thanksgiving for us too. I did not cook this year, my mother did, but it was traditional fare; but I did buy a turkey and do plan to cook it so we can have “left-overs” here. Silly I know – but that’s what my hubby prefers. 😉

    I don’t do the Black Friday shopping here. I’m actually about done already with my Christmas shopping – so I don’t need to go out at all during the holiday madness. So I’m not tempted at all to even look. 😉 Have a blessed weekend!

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