“Lost time can never be redeemed.”

teacuppamela.pngThat statement rings in my ears.

As I thought back on the Titus2 meeting last evening I was mindful of things similar to the title of today’s blog entry… things I had intended to write about this morning but now my train of thought has gone elsewhere. So I continue to mull this over. “… Lost time can never be redeemed.” And while that is true, I consider the thought or the truth or the hope that lost time can, in fact, be repaired by the great Redeemer – but truly there is great wisdom in that “lost time can never be redeemed” statement. I’ll share some ‘repair’ thoughts later.

But for now, I simply want to focus on the source of that quote – contained in a sermon I heard this morning.

I was gripped with sorrow for people I don’t know – have never met – people who are mourning the loss of the fine young man who spoke those words in that sermon at age seventeen. I marvel at the wisdom and accomplishment of the young man whose nineteen years on this earth came to an abrupt end as his life was suddenly taken this past week. I grieve for the mother and father of that precious son – what fine training he obviously received. What honour they have received in the bearing and training this fine son. What wisdom in youth! What strength of character! What knowledge and understanding: rightly dividing the Word of Truth! What a testimony of God’s marvelous grace. May God help and bless the Billings family.

I listened to the sermon he preached – and it, for me, encapsulated my hope for young men – our young men and the sons of my sisters in Christ. Were I to attempt to define what should be the goal of child training or bringing up young boys who would be men, it would be this – it would be a life totally and completely yielded to God, a life of steadfastness to the end – faithful to the end – loyal to the end – blessed and being a blessing.

Here is an early tribute by Doug Phillips to

quotebegin.gifMichael Billings; 1988 – 2007, A Son of Hope, An Unparalleled Defender of the Faith, and a Bright Shining Star in the Kingdom of God…”

When you listen to Michael’s sermon, you will see why Doug Phillips also wrote:

quotebegin.gifMichael was the oldest young man I have ever met and the single most passionate champion of truth to emerge from the ranks of the Vision Forum students. He died without regret, justified, uncompromising — a righteous man if ever we knew one. “

In the closing of the message, Life is But a Vapor, Michael preached that day, he admonished:

quotebegin.gif Fear God and Keep His commandments…
night is falling: you must seize the day.”

What a fine young man. What a testimony of a life fully yielded to Christ. What hope for us mothers who wonder how might we live today in the training of sons.

More in tribute to Michael Billings


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  1. Pam,
    Thank you for bring this to my attention. I sent the link to my 23 year old son. I think it will be good for him to hear the sermon by this wonderful young man. God truly blessed his parents with such a godly, insightful young man. I pray that they will be comforted by a God who knows their pain.

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