So, I went to Costco to fill up the van…

Yes, with petrol and food.

I had waited long enough to buy gas… a sort of game of anxious anticipation: just how close to the “E” do I allow the needle to go before I dare to drive past another station or make a Costco trip.

Anyway, a couple of ‘comic strips’ came to my mind as I slipped my Costco-Amex card into the swiper and then, in anticipation of how much this fun venture was going to cost before I even went into the store with the cart (at $3.07 per gallon). I watched the price inch up to $100. and I just had to laugh.

Actually, I was sort of taken aback at the newest price of petrol. And milk. However – I did bear in mind that a gallon of gas (and a 4 2-gallon boxes of milk) is really still a slightly better value than a gallon of Starbucks mochas or lattes. But the ambiance – I told myself – the ambiance is just… not there (at the pump or in the warehouse).

rosecolouredglasses.gifI began to dream of the warm, comfortable Sbux store… the wonderful aroma of a “Peppermint Mocha” and red cups that just came out today…

And then reality struck: the intense click of the nozzle and the wafting aroma of gasoline interrupted those pleasant dreams.


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  1. See, now, you had the right idea! That day I was only dreaming of the mocha!

    And Kelli just told me that yesterday after she put gas in her near empty tank, she went grocery shopping and while passing by the pumps she had used just a couple of hours earlier in the afternoon, she noticed the price had gone up ten cents(!) in that short space of time! She called her husband and asked: What happened? (on the NYSE)

    Hang on to your wallets – prices are flying up!!

    thanks and blessings——pamelaa

  2. Pamela,
    too funny….as I just noticed when I got home today that it is time to fill up my monster of a conversion van….and I went before hand and had my favorite tall peppermint mocha.haha

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