The Coarsening of Women

teacuppamela.pngMy friend asked me today what I thought of the video that’s making the email circulation rounds quite a bit these days. It’s the ‘Women of Faith’ video of comedian, Anita Renfroe, and her song: Total Momsense – everything a mother says in one 24-hour period condensed into 2 minutes and 55 seconds and put to the music of The William Tell Overture — if you want to, you can click and watch (if you haven’t already seen it) here.

So… she asked me what I thought. I thought hmmmm.
She knows.
What do you think I thought of the mom so artistically sharing what most moms say in one 24 hour period? I’ve thought of that mom and the moms she represents – actually, many times, now. And I’m not so much referring to her or even to the other moms when I refer to the ‘song’ and all it contains. Actually, I heard myself in most of the lines she said. And, incidentally, I grimace to hear some of them again. I consider not so much what is said but what is heard and then interpreted by the hearers. Then, I consider the permission, of sorts, that’s inadvertently given to women to talk, in whatever manner they feel at the moment, to their children, based on the cool presentation and the affinity to, the laughs, reaction and camaraderie of this and other moms.

I thought: hmmmmmm.
So, hmmm. This morning I was listening to the news and got to thinking about the political climate and the slippery slope of the American culture and how much has eroded and, really, how foolish so much has become in the last 100 years of ‘progress.’

It grieved me to think of a woman being used as a political pawn – sickeningly and ironically, by “liberated” women, for the ‘advancement’ of women – dreadfully, it really doesn’t seem to matter a bit in regards to qualifications of personal achievements, wisdom and discernment, but simply because she’s a woman. How shameful to be used as a retaliatory game piece – to be made coarse – to be a pawn. It reminds me of another profession – selling the most precious gift in exchange for a piece of bread or whatever other thing is sought – and I truly have to believe feminists stand against that one!

I listened to the comments made by those who are supporting the female presidential candidate – I listened to some of her recent comments – I listened to irrational comments regarding the disparity or lack of fairness concerning the number of males running for president compared to the one female running for the office – further demonstrating the foolishness of “fairness.” As if they were ganging up on her. When men get into the ring to fight- it’s no place for a woman. O, for a voice of wisdom to speak to women and plead the cause of the beautiful and priceless gift of womanhood – the gift of femininity.

I thought of something my grandmother used to say: Remember, that while every lady is a woman, not every woman is a lady.

And then I think some more on friend’s email.

Total Momsense:

Get up now
Get up now
Get up out of bed
Wash your face
Brush your teeth
Comb your sleepy head
Here’s your clothes
And your shoes
Hear the words I said
Get up now
Get up and make your bed
Are you hot?
Are you cold?
Are you wearing that?
Where’s your books and your lunch and your homework at?
Grab your coat and your gloves and your scarf and hat
Don’t forget you got to feed the cat
Eat your breakfast
The experts tell us it’s the most important meal of all
Take your vitamins so you will grow up one day to be big and tall
Please remember the orthodontist will be seeing you at three today?
Don’t forget your piano lesson is this afternoon
So you must play
Don’t shovel
Chew slowly
But hurry
The bus is here
Be careful
Come back here
Did you wash behind your ears?
Play outside
Don’t play rough
Would you just play fair?
Be polite
Make a friend
Don’t forget to share
Work it out
Wait your turn
Never take a dare
Get along
Don’t make me come down there
Clean your room
Fold your clothes
Put your stuff away
Make your bed
Do it now
Do we have all day?
Were you born in a barn?
Would you like some hay
Can you even hear a word I say?
Answer the phone
Get Off the phone
Don’t sit so close
Turn it down
No texting at the table
No more computer time tonight
Your iPod’s my iPod if you don’t listen up
Where you going and with whom and what time do you think you’re coming home?
Saying thank you, please, excuse me
Makes you welcome everywhere you roam
You’ll appreciate my wisdom
Someday when you’re older and you’re grown
Can’t wait ’til you have a couple little children of your own
You’ll thank me for the counsel I gave you so willingly
But right now
I thank you NOT to roll your eyes at me
Close your mouth when you chew
Would appreciate
Take a bite
Maybe two
Of the stuff you hate
Use your fork
Do not you burp
Or I’ll set you straight
Eat the food I put upon your plate
Get an A, Get the door
Don’t get smart with me
Get a Grip
Get in here I’ll count to 3
Get a job
Get a life
Get a PhD
Get a dose of…
I don’t care who started it
You’re grounded until your 36
Get your story straight
And tell the truth for once for heaven’s sake
And if all your friends jumped off a cliff
Would you jump too?
If I’ve said it once, I’ve said at least a thousand times before that
You’re too old to act this way
It must be your father’s DNA
Look at me when I am talking
Stand up straight when you walk
A place for everything
And everything must be in place
Stop crying or I’ll give you something real to cry about
Brush your teeth
Wash your face
Get your PJs on
Get in bed
Get a hug
Say a prayer with Mom
Don’t forget
I love you
And tomorrow we will do this all again because a mom’s work never ends
You don’t need the reason why
I said so
I said so
I said so
I said so
I’m the Mom
The mom
The mom
The mom
The mom

Words by Anita Renfroe Copyright 2007 Bluebonnet Hills Music/BMI

And then I think back on what I’ve heard today… and sigh at the coarsening of women.


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