Viewed: The Monstrous Regiment of Women (part 2)

 teacuppamela.pngAs I watched the Gunn Brothers film, The Monstrous Regiment of Women, I was encouraged or inspired by the courage it took to write and produce the film. It’s quite a risk, in this day and age, to stand for the truth and to make bold statements that will garner a high volume of criticism – probably much more criticism than praise, really. Or, better said, the criticism will be so vitriolic that the praise will appear to be drowned out. But the praise will be there, no doubt, as more view the film and hear its message. I thought after I saw the film the second time that I’d need to view it a few times to see the wisdom of some of the presentation.

There were a few segments that I felt I might have done differently or might have omitted. But I see the wisdom for the inclusion. I might have chosen specific activities or specific measurable actions performed by the women in politics instead of addressing so much of the characters or appearances of specific women currently ‘in office’ in the US. But the issue of women controlling government so needs to be addressed, that I do see the wisdom of the segment devoted to exposing it. I just believe the manner in which the political aspect was handled perhaps didn’t convey the inappropriateness of women leading nations but instead seemed to convey a dislike of these women and had it been others, well, then perhaps it would be okay to govern.

The film’s not for the timid, or the wishy-washy, nor is it for the squeamish. As for younger viewers, I’d suggest extreme discretion unless the younger person is very mature – for the segment devoted to the heinous atrocity of abortion is exceedingly painful – both to view the graphic footage, but also to consider the magnitude of the industry and the ‘commonness’ of the ‘procedure.’ I believe we would see the most dramatic decrease in abortion deaths were every woman to see the procedure prior to taking pen in hand to give consent for the death of her unborn child.

So, the viewing of the film stirred up many of my long held thoughts.

Year after year I recognize more and more the offenses of the “feminist movement” and the damaging effects to, now several, generations of both men and women. I genuinely believe that women seeking what they perceive as power are being so misguided by ‘feminists’ or those who have actually led to the destruction and demise of femininity. The sin nature demands its own way – demands power. So women have been vying for the power to lead that was originally given to men. And then it’s as if women so longed for the place or attention of men that they decided the best recourse would be to do away with men – to be in their stead. By working against God’s marvelous plan, women have not received honour and ‘power’ but a blight instead. Women have become noisy, contentious and arrogant as they’ve sought to dominate and rule men.

One of the damaging aspects to liberation and feminism can most clearly be seen in sexuality and childbearing. Feminists, in the zeal to be free – free to do and be whatever they want to do and be have actually brought on an extremely insidious result and that is that women have been reduced to objects of gratification instead of precious treasures to be defended. They’ve traded the precious gift of creation for a lie: the lie that they can ‘have it all.’

That’s a lie.

Women cannot have it all… they’re not meant to, after all, for that was not God’s original plan. However… women can, and many do, have all of what God designed them to be and have and do. Feminists have degraded homemaking, childbearing and motherhood to such an extent that most young women coming out of school are inept to do the necessary work of homemaking and nurturing a family. It takes incredible skill, tenacity, perseverance and creativity to make and keep a home and to nurture up the next generation. Thanks to feminists, the most remarkable job is the most mocked. The skills required to do a remarkable job are remarkably lacking – thanks to those who disrespect homemakers the most: feminists.

Because women want to be, act like, say and do the same things as men, men’s natural instinct and role is squashed and the mannerly, loyal protection is replaced by crude gestures, disrespect, inappropriate behaviour and demeaning social activities – not to mention carelessness toward purity, the miracle of conception, pregnancy and birth. Instant sexual gratification has replaced purity and delayed gratification and instead of that actually ‘liberating’ women, it’s made them less…not precious in the eyes of men, they’re not revered, honoured and respected. Just look at what women are willing to do, say and be to be accepted by men… what they are (and aren’t) willing to wear to control men.

And then (for shame!):  Men have not stood up to say:
Shame on the public immodesty, stop the degradation of women! Go home – get dressed – stop showing your panties to the public – you go on home, put on some clothes that say you’re specially created by God to be a woman and I’m not going to let another man take advantage of your desire to be somebody! You already ARE somebody! You’re a Woman! You’ve got twice the job of a man anyway… you’re taking care of  NEXT generation you’re teaching the next generation who God is… how to care for one another, how to do things, how to be a family.  Wow. Now go on home. Big stuff ought to be going on there – get to it! Nobody should be gawking at and undressing you anymore! And no more laying around. We won’t have it.

But, no, a great many men have been relegated to spinelessness at the hands of overbearing women and women won’t let themselves be protected from themselves (and then are mocked for it).

Feminism has made the world hard – it’s made both men and women hardened, coarse and angry because both are fighting for (or against) what is or isn’t rightfully theirs. This pathetic imbalance of nature is actually working against women… making women cheap, lewd and at once: disrespectful and disrespected.

Where are the real men?


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  1. Pamela,
    Let me just say…WOW!!!!. I know God has gifted you with the ability to say things in such a way as most of us want to but do not. Excellent log. I am shouting the praises on your ability to hit the nail on the head. I was reading the post about halloween the other day and how offended the one lady got. I would like to say that if more people who read there Bible and actually listened to what it says, there would be no need for this discussion. People get offended when you tell them how it is. That there is no compromise with the world.. By the way, there is no difference if it is celebrating a holiday that is based upon celebrating the dead or how you choose to be modest. I too was like all the rest. I celebrated halloween and dressed any old way. I was just like the girl who wrote the ugly comment I mentioned. I did not want ANYTHING to do with limitations. But you cannot serve Christ and live like you want to. You have to give up yourself. You have to say, God it is your way and I am following. I am amazed that no matter where you go in this country if you show up in a dress, you are the different one.People stare. I used to let this bother me really alot. Now I just think about how much more womanly I look.I am convinced the reason people (Christians) do not follow God’s Word is because they do not want to give up the fleshliness of the world. It feels good. They think if they followed every command for the beliver that people would think they are fanatics. But really they are the people that Jesus spoke to John about in Revelations,when He said that He wished they were either hot or cold, but because they were luke warm (riding the fence), that He would spew them out of His mouth. I do not think people think of this much. If they did they would get out of these so called churches that all they do is tickle their ears and lead people astray with there Jesus is only love speeches. The church needs to wake up and start acting like Believers!

  2. Pamela,
    Thank you! My daughters’ flim made it to semi-finals and we’re thrilled beyond thrilled to be heading to San Antonio tomorrow. I’m glad to read your post first because we were planning on viewing this film and then possibly purchasing it. I’m just glad to know for the sake of the younger of my 2 daughters! Thank you! I’m sure it is a valuable film, but would still like to protect younger viewers! By the way, I love your family pic. on your home page. I’d love to be able to see it bigger or more close up, unless you would rather not have it blown up, I understand!! It’s so heart-warming though! Thanks again! In Him, Melissa

  3. First time commenting … and haven’t been reading all that long … but I read this and just wanted to say AMEN! Wonderful post … thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    My husband and I just recently watched that documentary the other day for the first time. I’m hoping, if there’s time, to watch it again tonight.

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