Viewed: The Monstrous Regiment of Women (part 1)

teacuppamela.pngWe ordered, received and have now watched “The Monstrous Regiment of Women” and I thought it needful to make a few observations along with my recommendation to order this film yourselves and watch with your *older* children – read: older, mature, and sensible (not young children).

I have very few qualms about recommending the film to others. Here’s what I sent to the producers:

quotebegin.gifThank you for this courageous film. I have now viewed The Monstrous Regiment of Women a number of times and each time am made more profoundly aware of the precious gift of womanhood and femininity and the depth of damage incurred by ‘feminist’ women who seek both power and authority over men and in society in general.

You have presented, on many levels, the ways feminism has not protected, venerated or esteemed women, but has actually brought great destruction, abuse and oppression to and on women and girls all over the world. Additionally, though painful to view, I appreciate that you didn’t hide or gloss over the repulsive, heartrending and sickening atrocity of abortion and the reality of the gruesome death of tens of millions(!) of babies.

The different perspectives of the many angles of feminism you have presented have exposed the dreadful effect of the literally monstrous and far reaching regiment of women and the sad legacy of deceit, loss and degradation feminism has left women. Feminism is insatiable and knows no bounds as your film so well documents.

I wish you well, and that the LORD will bless the work of your hands – the film, its viewers and those whose hearts will be turned to the Lord. Sincerely…”


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