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teacuppamela.pngThis might seem to be practically a nothing about nothing post… but, there really is something: loving concern for mothers and babies and new parents. Wes snapped this pic in Canada… and I told him I wish this were prevalent here in the States. I wish even the ‘thought’ was prevalent… the respect and admiration for those who are carrying or caring for precious bundles of love!

parking for mothers


We had the sweet privilege of having a young mother of many here with us this weekend. And I watched as she lovingly and seemingly tirelessly cared for her newborn. So much to do… busy, lifting, wrapping, tucking, comforting… loving the baby. I observe the mama’s at the market… managing the load of groceries, laundry, children, schedules, diapers, traffic, laundry and dinner. And more laundry.  All in a day’s work.

Being mindful of all of this, I more and more work to look for ways to be of help — even just holding the baby is a help to a mama. And setting aside that parking space to ease the mother’s workload? Ah….. that’s big help!

So, maybe the next time you’re at Costco and you spot that wow-what-a-perfect-spot parking space right near the door and you see in the other car a mama with children and you’re vying for that space… go ahead: let her have the space.  Think of it as reserved parking for an elite group.  Even if she didn’t have her turn signal blinking.  Wave her in… Especially if it’s raining.



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  1. Thank you all for the comments! I know what you mean about the help… but don’t stop offering… you just might make some precious mama’s day by smiling at her and waiving your “right” to that space or cart: wave her in!

    I say: high-five, Mama’s – you can have my parking space… I’ll wave you in! I need the exercise, anyway!

    thanks and blessings — pamela

  2. These signs are making more of an appearance in the South these days. I loved your encouragement. Like another mentioned, I, too, have tried to help and they’re always a little leary.

  3. Thanks for this post! I’m expecting number three and the oldest is 4. I used to use a similiar parking spot at an unnamed “big-red-bullseye” store but they have since removed all such signs. It makes me sad…not for myself…but for our attitude as a nation to that of families and the culture of motherhood.

  4. Oh, I sould mention that some mommas get afraid when you try to help them out. Last week I saw a mother with two little ones, one of them in a carrier. As she was putting her groceries away I walked up and asked her if I could take her cart for her. She was not quite down putting her groceries in her van yet so I chatted about her baby. She watched me like a hawk, as if I was going to grab her baby. I don’t blame her but it broke my heart to one again realize that the innocence of our society is lost. I told her I just wanted to save her the walk to the cart return since she had little ones and she understood but still, I know I made her nervous.

    Hey, maybe I should make a pin that says “I’m a momma of 6, how can I help YOU? 🙂 At least then I wouldn’t scare anyone and they would know that I understand how hard it is!

  5. We have these signs popping up here in my neck of the woods. I loved it when I got t o use them. Also, I had a elderly lady ( who looked about 70ish) wave me into a parking spot once. She came up to me as my little ones were pouring out of the van and said that these days pass so quickly and she was happy to see a momma with several children. I just loved that! I wish more people would speak up and help momma’s out when they need that extra hand.

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