The Monstrous Regiment of Women

teacuppamela.pngI’m looking forward to watching this film… for many years, my heart’s desire has been to encourage women to be women as God designed, not feminist, but feminine; so that, in the end, the Word of God is not blasphemed. The film? The Monstrous Regiment of Women. See a clip here.

I think it’s both discouraging and shameful to watch the decline of femininity and the assault of things feminine and modest and the demoralization/degrading of women — especially by the very ones who purport to be championing women’s rights. I say degrading because when a woman is lead to believe her work and worth are actually contrary to her God-given design and purpose — well, that’s degrading. The more this occurs, the less ‘rights’ women really have and the less honour and nobility as well.

Probably the saddest of all, the most egregious of all is the foolishness bound up in the heart or way of the mainstream church today – as this foolishness flourishes, the lack of understanding, lack of knowledge of the Scriptures, lack of respect for God – or a low view of God, and lack of wisdom is taking the mainstream church today down a slippery slope of both defiance to and of the redefining of God’s clear Word.

Psalm 11.3 “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

Liberate: To set free or release from bondage. [and I’m amazed at the dictionary definitions that also include things like: freedom from oppression, to give equal rights to or freedom for women and minorities.]


Though semantics plays a great role here, let’s understand that truly, a genuinely liberated woman is one who knows the LORD and knows and obeys the Word of God — Liberated from the bonds or bondage of sin and death. Then think of the cultural bondage women are subjected to. Think of the bondage of fighting against God’s design… living outside His order. That’s bondage… and yet, it’s the lie that women are being told every day (that they can be liberated and free by being “equal” with/to men) – it’s the lie of “women’s liberation” and truly, misery loves company and needs it, too (to propagate the lie). The lie is that being a feminine woman, a keeper at home, a wife, homemaker/mother, teacher of children, etc., etc., is bondage – something from which to be liberated.

Really, a truly liberated woman is free in Jesus… free to be the woman God designed her to be. So called women’s liberation is not liberation at all… it’s bondage to fighting against creation and purpose, and it’s fighting against God’s precious gift of womanhood – a life that is not in competition with men, but a life that is in completion of them. A truly liberated woman doesn’t fight to be in the man’s place – no! a truly liberated woman fights to be good, to be chaste, to be discreet, to keep her home, to love her husband, to love her children… all of these: that the Word of God be not blasphemed.

O, for a thousand tongues to sing…



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  1. Kathy—
    No worries at all. You wrote it as you intended it and I saw it just as you wrote it and couldn’t agree more.

    I see the enemy truly is “ramping up” the evil and the very sure thing is that in darkness light shines brighter. Truly the light in this nation is becoming more and more distinct as the darkness increases. Strangely, the darkness is as glaring as neon lights in many ways.

    O, to be light in this dark world and to still be found praising God and trusting fully in Him.

    God bless you, Kathy — and you all.

  2. Pamela: I was pointing out that satan is “ramping up the evil” – not you! I’m sorry that someone used that phrase in reference to you….I thought I was clearly referencing satan. I enjoyed your post today on the article being debated here.

  3. I wrote today a bit more on the SB777 and partly in response to Carries letter. Carrie— thank you for writing bcz in thinking over your letter, I considered what you said, thought about it a great deal and rewrote my original blog post. I had written you a note here but didn’t add the hashcash(?) or whatever correctly and my entry was deleted. See? even I get bumped off here and my husband pays this bill! ~smile~ I guess too much of it was an attempt at clarity and self defense over this matter. So… that’s probably providential.

    thank you again for writing and I pray to be clear and true and speak the truth in love. God has been so merciful with me, I can only seek to be so myself.

    thank you again. with love, –pamela

  4. Pam,
    Thank you so much for making us aware of this dvd. I ordered one and can’t wait to get it. I want to share it with every woman who will watch it.


  5. Slow down ladies, before you get carried away with the witch hunt please read the actual bill. Do a search for SB 777. No words are banned. Nor does it favor or force the teaching of any “lifestyle”. It simply says you can’t discriminate against anyone for any reason. To me it sounds like he’s twisting the text and adding things to fit his argument. I wonder if that happened with any other text I can think of…

    How do we save people if we treat them like lepers who are out to get us? Ever heard the saying-Love the sinner, hate the sin? Sort of sounds like something Jesus might have said doesn’t it?

    Kathy F. is right, you are ‘ramping up’ the evil pretty good. All that bigotry and hate pointed at your fellow man? Satan just loves that.

  6. I clicked on the link to the article in your comment. I am horrified at what he signed into law in California, but not surprised. Satan knows his time is short, and he is ‘ramping up’ the evil. I pray that many many people will turn their eyes and hearts to God and His Truth, before it’s too late and they miss out on an eternity with their loving Creator.
    Again, the DVD is very good. I highly recommend it!

  7. Thank you, Kathy… we’ve ordered it. I respect the women I saw interviewed, and I sure like/agree with what I saw of the brief “previews” and look forward to seeing the rest.

    My-o-my… After reading of California’s latest ‘assault’ on women…
    This, from Worldnet Daily:

    “Mom and Dad” as well as “husband and wife” have been banned from California schools under a bill signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who with his signature also ordered public schools to allow boys to use girls restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa, if they choose……….”

    This truly is not only an assault on both men and women but will surely lead to major persecution of Christians who believe and follow the Received Text of the Bible and those who take a stand for truth, righteousness and faith. It is such a grievous thing to watch the intentional implosion of this nation. And the horrific result or consequences of disregarding the Truth and of not following the Lord.

    O, for heaven.

    Thank you for writing… I appreciate you.


  8. I watched “The Monstrous Regiment of Women” this evening with my teen-aged daughter, and it is very very good. You will most certainly enjoy this film. It is excellent!

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