teacuppamela.pngDo you recall where you were and what you were doing on September 11, 2001?

On 9-11, what’s inherently understood as September, 11, 2001, our country was hit with the worst terrorist attack in history. I think most of us can remember things or events of that day as if they occurred this day. I was sleeping and my mother called on the phone to alert us that a plane had crashed into one of the buildings of the World Trade Center and that if we could, we should get to our television. She knew that we have no reception here at our home without some serious juryrigging wires, coat hangers and tin-foil. But she knew we’d want to witness what was going on in New York. And we did. What happened in the following hours was nothing short of horrific.

At the time, my husband was caring for a friend who had a severe brain disorder and was spending every day at Harbourview Hospital in Seattle… our baby, ‘melia, was 10 weeks old and we also had a brand new grandson. Our older children had just begun a new homeschooling year and the weather was warm. I recall that, for days, we simply left the tv set on, distorted sound, fuzzy picture and all.

What an amazing time that was… what a strange turn of events. What an amazing source of conspiracy theories that event was and has become. And as sensational as the reports sound, there are some that really sound plausible – especially as each day brought conflicting stories. Theories or no, conspiracies or no, truth or lies… what happened on September 11, 2001 was, again, nothing short of horrific. What a devastating tragedy and unspeakably dreadful event… for those who died, for those who helplessly attempted to save them, and for those they left behind —the loss and grief they continue to bear must be overwhelming at times. And for the rest of us, it will always be remembered as a very sad day in history.


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  1. Very touching… all you’ve said.

    This country has had so many blessings, so much freedom, and its land such beauty and majesty… I pray we all not take this for granted and praise the Lord for His great gifts.

    I pray our government will yield to Him and His ways. I don’t see it now… but I pray it would be so. What a different nation we would become. In a dark place, the light is more distinct and does shine brighter. Perhaps the darkness will be used of the Lord to change the hearts of men.

  2. It is amazing how one event changes our lives like 9/11 did for me. I always heard people say they remember where they were when JFK died and I would think “hmmm, that is interesting that a event could do that to people”. Not until 9/11 did I understand that. I remember it so clearly. I think about that one event more than anything else in any given time. The images of people falling or jumping to their death, the images of people running, scared for their lives. The sadness. The pain and grief. That causes me to cry fairly often. I don’t cry because I am scared of their terrorist but because my mind can not grasp such a horrific scene. But then I also remember what it felt like days afterwards. In the midst of the grief there was hope. I felt like a true American. The way our country came together was amazing. The lines were not divided and we were one and we were going to get those bad guys. How dare they attack us! was our motto. And then it went back to the same old same old and it seems so many has forgotten how absolutely horrible that day was. My husband works in a job that is high security and 9/11 meant that he was home for a week for fear of his work being attacked. In the days sense then I have thought about, many times, how could I carry on if it had been my husband that died in such a horrible moment. I wish I could embrace all those people that are moving on and tell them I am so sorry for what has happened to them. I also pray that the events of 9/11 did not happen in vain. We can not allow what the enemy does to bring us to our knees and we certainly should not allow the memeory of so many, many of them sacrificing themselves to save others such as the flight 93 heroes, go down in history.

    One of the worse things I heard recently was on a show that the History Channel was airing. A man said his wife took a pregnancy test right before she left for work and she was going to take another when she got to work. After arriving at work, she took the test and it was positive. She called him with the good news and pretty much right after telling him they were going to have a baby, she saw the plane coming at her building. She died of course. The most beautiful time in a couple’s lives was turned to tragedy in a moment.

    I am so very thankful though that we live in a country where we come to the aid of those that need our help, throwing caution to the wind most of the time. Despite many things, we do live in the best country in the world. And so many seem to be jealous of that fact.

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