More slices of life

And now…. even *I* can see: the baby’s growing up:

amelia tooth
The dolly, Amelia, lost her first tooth today.
and while I’m at it… here are a couple more pics:
These were taken a few weeks ago… Samuel and Hannah were hiking
hanny pilchuck
A terrific view of Mount Rainier
sam pilchuck
Samuel… at the top of Mount Pilchuck.
They tell me I wouldn’t make it.
Well, maybe not today…
And I cannot resist one more.
Those who know Hannah – know she *loves* to laugh.
A lot!
And Hannah and her friend, ‘Rissa, together?
Double the pleasure, double the fun, quadruple the laughter.
sam pilchuck
more slices of life another day…

and so it goes.

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  1. What wonderful photographs. The picture of your son on top of Mount Pilchuck is just stunning. It looks like a poster.
    I have four little girls myself.
    You have lovley and inspiring website 🙂
    Blessings to you today

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