More slices of life

And now…. even *I* can see: the baby’s growing up:

amelia tooth
The dolly, Amelia, lost her first tooth today.
and while I’m at it… here are a couple more pics:
These were taken a few weeks ago… Samuel and Hannah were hiking
hanny pilchuck
A terrific view of Mount Rainier
sam pilchuck
Samuel… at the top of Mount Pilchuck.
They tell me I wouldn’t make it.
Well, maybe not today…
And I cannot resist one more.
Those who know Hannah – know she *loves* to laugh.
A lot!
And Hannah and her friend, ‘Rissa, together?
Double the pleasure, double the fun, quadruple the laughter.
sam pilchuck
more slices of life another day…

and so it goes.
  1. What wonderful photographs. The picture of your son on top of Mount Pilchuck is just stunning. It looks like a poster.
    I have four little girls myself.
    You have lovley and inspiring website 🙂
    Blessings to you today

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