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quotegraysmall.gifWhy do statistics tell us that 80% of Americans are “born-again” Christians and yet America is one of the most openly immoral and vile countries? Christians live practically no different than the world! We go to the same corrupt movies, listen to the same fleshly music. Girls dress like prostitutes and guys dress like punks, both showing no respect for themselves and those around them. From a young age they are engaged in dating and other promiscuous activities. The divorce rate of the “church” and the world is practically the same. Christian teens have as much honor and obedience to their parents as their unsaved friends. We have a fraction of the zeal JW’s do, it’s painful and embarrassing for most to share their faith; besides, we are to busy arguing when the rapture will take place. It is not a problem for a reprobate to go to church, in fact churches go out of their way to make them as comfortable as possible! With sermons bringing no conviction, one could get “saved” and still continue on in the same lifestyle as before and yet this is no cause for alarm. We use bible translations that are worse than even the New World Translation. No one has any respect for the Word of God anymore!

The Church today is at best luke-warm and at worse cold and dead asleep.
As Christians we are supposed to be a counterculture and yet we blend right in!

Our country is rapidly decaying and about to fall, no one would deny this. We kill our newborn babies by the millions and ship our parents off to nursing homes–they both are just too inconvenient! The country is obviously divided on most everything. The world–and even the church–almost universally tolerates blatant immorality of every abominable sort, an obvious trademark of a nation about to collapse. The statistics on the revenue of the porn industry is deplorable.
The family has/is being destroyed. The average American family has two kids at most while Islamic families have an average of 7 and immigrants from Latin America who are truly Catholic have an average of 8 to 9! It doesn’t take very much brains to figure out what is going to happen!
Psalm clearly states: “Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.” (127:3-5.) Our liberal friends would have us to believe that we need to stop having children! If they don’t want a reward and would prefer to go into battle without arrows in their quiver they can go ahead!

In short, when the world looks at the church it sees itself! The Christians of the NT and later years shook the world! They died for their faith and took the Lord seriously. As Paul Washer said, “The American idea of a radical Christian is one who wears a religious t-shirt or has a bumper sticker on their car.”

What is going to stop the slide of this country and turn it around?! Obviously Liberal politics is quickening its demise. Conservative politics aren’t fairing any better! They thought since Mr. Bush was a Christian he would turn us around and yet he is handing the country over to Mexico and attempting to divide Israel. No, it’s not going to be in the arena of politics. If you want to fight a shark you don’t do it in the water!

This country and the world needs Jesus. The “church” needs Jesus! We need the gospel to be preached. We need Christians who are light and salt! We must take the basket off of our lamps. We must be in the word and in prayer daily. We must be walking in the power and after the Spirit. There must be revival or else there will be persecution–and the Lord knows we have enough mediocre and flat out hypocritical Christians that perhaps persecution is the only option.

It is not only a dark hour for America but for the whole world.

Brothers and sisters, the whole world is sinking wholesale into hell because there is no light. We must live up to our name, we are to be witnesses! We are preachers of peace and ministers of reconciliation!

What are you doing for the Lord? There is a war going on, get in it!”

Timothy – April ’07

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  1. Well… hmmmmmmmmm

    When the LORD Jesus returns, it will be open, it will be unmistakable and it will be astonishing and the whole world will know.

  2. What a great paper!!!! I am so very impressed with your son, as I’m sure you are also. 🙂

  3. Wow! What a refreshing article from a young man. Thank you Mrs. Spurling for raising a Christ loving man! If only there were so many more of them! And please thank Timothy for his article. He gives me hope for our future generation of Christian men.

    Christian Faith

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