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teacuppamela.pngGood morning girls…
I received a letter this morning from a representative of At a Glance (day planners) and he alerted me to some “broken links” I have on one of the homemaking pages. Ah-me…….. a never ending process of keeping pages up to date. So, that took a few minutes of corrections and checking and then I got to thinking… I ought to make mention of some links that might help you. These pages have been up for many years and even they might have corrections needed… but I thought I post some of them in hopes that you might find just what you need for your homemaking.

So… here you go… I’m just pasting in several ideas and page links directly from our site:

For Breakfast We alternate a basic menu that’s served with whole wheat toast, milk and fruit: Farina, Oatmeal, Cold Cereal 1 day per week, Muffins and fruit 1 day per week. And we generally fix a “big” breakfast one day per week. Sometimes we serve hot chocolate and sometimes we make smoothies instead of the hot food.
For Lunch We have a wide variety of foods for lunches… if not “left-over’s,” then we choose an item from the “Bunches of Lunches” list I made up a long time ago and taped it inside our kitchen cabinet. This list has helped me immensely over the years when I stand in the kitchen and wonder: what in the world should I fix today?
For Snacks when Dinner’s
going to be later
We have fruits, nuts, bagels and cream cheese, veggies and dip, cookies or smoothies,
pop-corn or chips and salsa.
For Dinner Need some Ideas?
Dozens of Dinners and Dinner meal recipes

Print off the Dozens of Dinners and/or the Bunches of Lunches and tape the page inside one of your cabinet doors. You will have ideas at the ready… You just have to remember to look!! So… ideas for you:
Make two main dishes at a time.. this way you will have one to serve and one to save for another meal. If you will do this every week at least once, you will have quite a “storehouse” of back up meals. Then each time you face a busy day, just pull out a meal from the freezer in the morning and you’ll have most of your dinner prepped in advance with little extra effort. Usually, the biggest effort is simply gathering the food and allotting appropriate time for the meal prep!
Another helpful trick is to cook up LARGE batches of meat, beans or soup/stew. Freeze in ziplock bags in portions according to the needs of your family and you will have the most time-consuming portion of the meal already done!


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  1. Thank you for the helping ideas. I am bookmarking the dozens of dinners for future reading!

    Christian Faith

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