chicken pox update

Everyday I look at our children… the ones who have the chicken pox and the two who haven’t yet contracted them.  It’s gotten to the point that Andrew walks in and I smile at him and he sort of instinctively reads the smile as: okay, lift your chin, show me your neck; extend your arms, show me some spots… lift up your shirt, show me your tummy.  Nothing.  Yet.

Here’s what dolly thought of her chicken pox.  She drew this picture of herself… yes, there were poxes on poxes ~wink~ all over.  The one on the neck was particularly bothersome to her.

amelia pox

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  1. Aww – that is a very sweet picture. And she even has a smile on her face too. I will pray for Amelia to heal quickly. Having chicken pox is no fun! Oh, I will pray for your whole family too!

    Christian Faith

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