What season is this?

teacuppamela.pngI’m in my little room here… it’s what I’ve always called the sun-room though it’s not often sunny in here, it always feels like it ought to be. In the early morning the sun (if present) shines in a few little windows and then in the late afternoon, again, if present, the sun shines in the little window on the other side of the room. It’s a very tiny space in our home… but it’s where I see the world and where I study and dream. It’s also where I write and, through this screen, see the rest of the world. Some of my favourite books and favourite pictures surround me here in this little room… this little alcove serves as the quietest and busiest room in the house.
So, today I’m looking out at the world around me — though it’s nearly obscured by the now full and long branches of the weeping willow tree.  I cannot really tell what season it is. The tree tells me it’s not winter or early spring… but the sky… the weather… it feels like the season of gray. It’s like gray’s the prevailing season here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s gray in the fall, it’s gray in the winter and it’s gray in the spring and summer. It’s gray lots of the year… and then, it feels as if the LORD scoops up a handful of sunshine every now and then and sprays it all around and then at other times, He flings some wind our way and brightens up the sky, sweeping it with the most brilliant blues imaginable. I attempt to recreate those days in the theater of my mind on days like today. Except for the constant whirring of the computer fan, it’s quiet enough to hear the birds in the trees outside. I can almost hear the different seasons’ children playing in the yard.

I can’t tell if someone ought to be bringing in a load of firewood… I can’t tell if I ought to be stirring some soup simmering on the stove. I can’t tell if I ought to get out the corduroy clothes or if I ought to be watching the flood tables. I can’t tell if I ought to be pouring over seed catalogs or if I ought to be pruning the rose bushes. I can’t tell if I ought to be canning applesauce or sewing or knitting. For outside, the skies look like fall? or winter? or early spring? or… yep, gray. It’s still gray.

It’s gray… it’s every season, but I know it ought to be summer-season. I can almost hear children jumping and splashing in the pool. I can smell the most delicious smells in the world… a curious blend of coppertone, iced tea with lemon, bain de soleil, dr. pepper and saltwater and sand… Ah… and it’s all happening here in this little alcove! If I stay here long enough, I’ll doze off with that dream and maybe fall off my chair… ah, that dream of summer breeze.

Instead… I have a job to do. Ah, yes… it *must* be summer! I’m making raspberry jam and jelly from the raspberries being picked by the bowlful. Yes, even if it is the season of gray… it must be summer! I’ve got to step away from here… I’ve got work to do. Gotta make hay while the gray shines!


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  1. O, Brenda…
    Rain? Now, there are some nice rainy days here. And you know what? I love the rain. It’s not really rain that’s problem… it’s gray… gray skies and no rain. I need to just stay busy on the days with no rain but gray skies. O, the Pacific Northwest is so beautiful — really beautiful. And there are days that are so breathtaking that I am in disbelief that I could live in such a bountiful and beautiful place (and then I feel guilty for ever disliking it) but there are also *many* gray and chilly days. These are sort of oppressive… and make me long for hot southern California or Idaho in the summer. Every place has its tremendous blessings as well as drawbacks, I suppose. It’s so beautiful outside at the moment… how could it change so dramatically in a day?

    thanks for writing………..ps

  2. Ah… yes, fall. I do like the fall — though I did *not* like it for *many* years! For many years it was a very depressing and dreaded season. With my husband in the pool biz, it always meant the down time of the biz was coming… and it did each year and things were tight each year and so on! But God! But God who is rich in mercy… always provided everything that was needed. I just hope for some real hot-hot summer days… some splashing around and hot sun on my face. Then… yes, it will be time to look forward to autumn!

    Yes, this little room is sweet to me. It’s 7′ x 8′ and has a doorway and a door and windows that open out on three sides. There’s just enough room here to have my big computer desk, the window bench and a bookshelf across the width of the windows for pictures, etc. There’s a rolling cart of drawers with stamping stuff and stationery and there’s another little desk and chair. So, you can “see” there’s just enough room to come in, and turn around and go out… barely enough room to change your mind! ~smile~

    Yes… and the jelly is sweet/tart yummy! Yes! make at least one batch of jam or jelly for Christmastime!! You’ll be so glad you did!

    Thanks for writing!

  3. Honestly, I can not wait for fall to come. It is my favorite time of the year. I sit here at my computer and see the hot sun outside and pray for the cool weather to come.

    I also want to say that I am envious of your little room. You have mentioned it before and I have always thought how wonderful it would be to sit there and enjoy the day just looking out the window while Amelia swings on the swing. I really hope some day I have a little area of my own to call my own, even if it is just a big chair next to the window with a table.

    Have some jam for me. I have not made jam in a while and I think I should get back into it. Homemade jam – YUM!

    Christian Faith

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