Another $tarbuck$ quote…

stbx.jpgThe Way I See It #225

quotegraysmall.gif  People don’t read enough. And what
reading we do is cursory, without absorbing
the subtleties and nuances that lie deep
within – Wow, you’ve stopped paying attention,
haven’t you? People can’t even read
a coffee cup without drifting off.”
— David Shore

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  1. Brenda —
    That’s a great one… I don’t think I’ve seen before, but sure agree with the quote. I like the things they (Sbx) do. I don’t always like what I read, I don’t always agree or whatever, but you know what? I do like the process, the foresight or the goal of getting people talking to one another or thinking about things. It’s sort of like hearing people talk about a matter that you haven’t faced and being prompted to think about it… and ask: What do I believe or think about that, anyway? So… the ultimate pricey friend: Sbx. Thanks for that note. -pamela

  2. I love to read the quotes on Starbucks cups (and I really like that one).

    For a matter of fact, I have a Starbucks cup on the shelf by my computer right now (been there for ages). It is “The Way I See It #99” and it says, “Success in life is that your kids want to spend time with you once they’ve grown up.”

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