I was going along and got tripped in the school yard and the contents of my knapsack was strewn all over… but I’ll gather things up and attempt to get my papers in order and have something to share in the morning.

I was going to write a bit more about the blessing of children and the brevity of seasons… time doesn’t allow for that right now.  I spent it in reply to comments on friday’s blog.

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  1. Thank you Monique and Lanita…
    I got up, dusted of, gathered my books and papers and realized that this was sort of one of the terms of standing out in the schoolyard.

    I began to think of our son at mission school… recently out witnessing and had an angry scoffer grab his Bible and throw it. Timothy just calmly went and gathered it up and went on. He didn’t decide to give up… he didn’t decide to not go there again… he just decided to leave his study Bible home and carry one that can make hard trips.

    Thanks and God bless you both.

  2. Pam,
    Thank you for your blogs. They are much needed in today’s world. We have a couple of generations now who were raised by feminists or were feminists themselves. We need help and you were given to us by God go do just that. Women, in the world and the church, don’t know what God has called them to, but you are our guiding light our beacon pointing us to God’s Word and Will for our lives. Keep up the great work. You are blessed and a blessing as well. Your sisters love you and respect you and need your wisdom and experience. Keep up the GREAT work!!


  3. > Hugs! That lady had some serious anger issues! You handled yourself beautifully and with grace! Your post was beautiful, and so were your replies!

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