teacuppamela.pngI’m sick. No, really I am… You thought I just might be launching into a rant about some political matter or societal issue or something, no? OR that I stepped off the face of the earth…
No… really, I actually feel like I just stepped off a rollercoaster ride that’s been going loop-de-loop nonstop since last week. And, really, it’s been quite a delightful ride—it’s just that it sure was time to get off, make a big pot of chicken vegetable soup, and work at a plan to go to bed early tonight. We’ve had a houseful for the last several days and so it seems as though I’ve been standing in the kitchen for days, washing, prepping, cooking, washing, serving, washing, shopping for more, prepping, washing, cooking, serving, washing, pouring, washing, cooking… so I woke up with a very sore throat and achy body and knew the end of the line had come and it was time to hop off the ride and back into bed.

So what was all the excitement? In addition to a few evenings of dinner-for-many… pizza and barbecue, etc., etc. and our church meeting here on Sunday, some young friends came over from Idaho to go skydiving at the nearby airport and, as usually happens, the weather was unpredictable, overcast and drizzly most all the time they were here -except- for a couple of wonderful openings in the skies for the two different jumps they were able to make. Everyone was ecstatic to watch then jump from the plane and then with baited breath waited for what seemed an eternity for the chutes to pop open and, even then, they seemed to dangle in the sky for several minutes on the way down. And just as amazing, the clouds seemed to close up moments after their safe landing. (I hope to have some pics of this soon)

It really was fun to have the house full of friends each day and………..

back to blogging… later. 😉


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  1. Pam,
    I am praying for a speedy recovery. It’s a good thing that you have such wonderful children who can take care of you for a time. Put your feet up, relax and reenergize. God is probably preparing you for something wonderful and knew that you would need to be rested up first. Take care.


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