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I was tagged by “HT” at Heart Journey… She wrote:
quotebegin.gifHello Mrs. Spurling! You are being tagged for the “8 Random Facts” meme. Stop on by to see what it’s about! 😉

Okay… here’s my totally random post of “8 Random Facts” and these are facts, by the way.

1. I love to take walks in the spring… or on the beach… or through autumn leaves… or crunching snow or in friend’s yards or into very familiar situations/houses.

2. The information on my driver’s license has not been accurate for nearly 20 years. O, stop it… it is still valid. I have renewed it and it does reflect our current address. It’s just that the value listed in the weight category is actually my fondly remembered weight.

3. I know, I know… hard to believe, but this IS my natural hair colour.

4. I love to hear/sing hymns in large groups.

5. Skydiving, bungee-jumping, rock-climbing, backpacking, kayaking, snow-skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling are not at all of interest to me… but I would happily fly to lots of places!

6. I gave our daughter-in-law the gift of a potty-trained child for Mother’s Day. I am so proud of that little grandson (and the others) who stayed with us for the past 10 days.

7. It’s difficult for me that there is only one location to put the refrigerator in our kitchen.

8. It’s such an wonderfully amazing and humbling thing to gratefully say: Yes! when we’re asked, “Are they all yours?”

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  1. O-you’re welcome, heart thoughts! And, by the way, you have a very lovely blog/site! I will spend time reading and gleaning… as I am attempting to make subtle changes every day in our cooking/eating/health value of foods. So, thank you for what you’re learning & sharing! and the candid manner of your thoughts… very refreshing! -pamela

  2. I bet that will go down in history as one of your daughter in law’s best Mother’s Day gifts ever ;)! Loved the random facts :).

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