The Apron: Motherhood’s Uniform

teacuppamela.pngI just came in from receiving a package from the UPS man. He stops by every few days to bring packages for my husband. And it dawned on me today that he is always greeted by a little caravan of children on bicycles or skates or, on rainy days, leaning over the back of the sofa to watch him through the living room window. They watch for him and he watches for them. They see his big brown truck driving down the lane and instantly recognize him as the UPS man because of his brown uniform. He always looks neat and tidy and always represents his company well. The USP man may actually be one of several men who’ve made deliveries on this route, but they’re all “the UPS man” because of that uniform.

So, today was no different. The children ran to greet him and I came out to take the package. In my uniform. I don’t think I’ve ever been more proud to be wearing my uniform as I was this day. Because I realized that I am as easily recognizable to him as he is to me and my children. His uniform indicates he’s on the job – he’s at work, taking care of business, doing what he’s supposed to be doing in a timely and efficient manner. He’s representing his company well. It dawned on me that I am easily recognizable to him (and any of the several others that make deliveries here) because, I, too, am wearing a uniform. My uniform tells others that I am a woman, a keeper at home and I’m a mother. The apron is the mother’s uniform. The wording on my apron, Welcome Home, says to my family and to those who stop in, that I am glad to be here and that I am glad they’re here, too.

When I slip on this apron and tie the strings, I am making a conscious decision to have a mind to work. I have a job as a keeper at home. Titus 2. 3-5 tells me a bit of why I put on this apron. I do love my husband, I do love my children, I do work here, I do guard and guide the home and in doing so, I do want to represent them well. That’s what my uniform says to them and to the watching world – and to me. It says I’m right here, right where I belong, doing what I was meant to do.

The apron: it’s motherhood’s uniform. It means something… it’s one of the Good Things of motherhood. What a blessing – what a privilege – to be able to wear it.

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  1. I had to do a post about my ruined jumper today. Had to do it, you know 😉 I linked over to this article because I just loved the way you referred to your apron as your uniform. Happy Mother’s Day to you as well. Be blessed! (typed while wearing an apron!)

  2. O, I totally know what you mean! I hate it when I am bleaching my countertops and I accidentally lean near the edge and get a thin bleach line at my waist!

    I love that you also always wear your apron – except when you don’t~

    BTW Maybe there will be a perfect, identical jumper at the thrift store the next time you’re in town!

    Thanks for writing and… happy mother’s day to you!

    blessings, pamela

  3. Great post! I always wear my apron, except when I don’t. Like today. And I dripped some liquid dishwasher detergent on my denim jumper and absolutely ruined it! And I know better!!!!!!

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