Another sweet letter

from Kathryn

Now the calendar page has been changed and the date of her return trip home is in view – for this I do praise the LORD. I’ve so missed our girl –so missed her company, her sweet ways, her unbridled enthusiasm and zest for life, her spontaneity and sense of humour… O, and her piano music. I miss smelling her perfume, I miss her laundry, her coffee, the sound of her keys and the sight of her purse on the counter. I miss hearing her teach piano lessons and I miss hearing her read to the children. I miss seeing her jacket on the hook and her stacks of library books. I miss riding in her car and I miss going to Starbuck$. I miss hearing the whirlwind of plans and I miss hearing people call on the phone to talk to her. I miss all those things and more.

With all those things I miss and wish for… I do recognize that I won’t get text messages that say things like:

“Wow, you should see the bat that’s in our room!”
Or, “Cool! How was your day?”
Or, “As i was texting you, junior, my permanent side kick asked me if he could telephone a mzungo?!”
Or, “What? O okay, so you’ll call me around 10pm your time?”
Or, “Wow, I am in a thunderstorm and getting soaked!”
Or, “Thank you. One of the babies has malaria and I couldn’t stand to leave her at the orphanage, so I brought her back to our cottage to spend the night.”

I look forward to the day of her return. As with all other things I’ve wished for, it will be here faster than I could have imagined—though today it seems like forever.

So, today I am dreaming of our Sbx coffee date…


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