my new friend…

teacuppamela.pngSo I had my second night’s rest with my new inflexible friend: night-guard. Now, this little night-guard is a clear piece of plastic that is exactly fitted to my upper teeth. This little piece of plastic is to be faithfully worn at night to prevent bruxism (see Wiki’s) or teeth-grinding.

Now, I didn’t know that I had this problem… but as with most things in life, if you go in to see a doctor for any reason, you can almost assuredly come out with more problems than what you originally went into that doc’s office for. And if you have mouth pain, and /or facial or jaw pain, headaches and lots of dental problems, chances are: you clench or grind your teeth. And if you haven’t seen a dentist in awhile, well… take a tip: Go! So, I guess, I grind or clench my teeth and that’s the reason for all the other goodies I have in my mouth – O, along with my trusty little inflexible friend. Now, this little night guard is so insignificant that if I am not careful, it could easily be assimilated into the toy bin and would be lost forever – that, or it could easily be mistaken for dry chewed gum – well, lots of dry chewed gum shaped into a “U” sitting on the counter.I was standing in the kitchen this morning… heating water for my cup of morning tea and I was looking at the stove, inflexible friend in my mouth, and I marveled that my little friend cost more than my stove. It cost more than my mixer and its attachments. It cost more than my computer monitor, more than the Bosch, more than an iPod, and more than three full tanks of gas for the van and… perhaps about what a Seiko watch might cost.

So I decided that the best thing I could do (in addition to ALWAYS keeping the little friend in its case when I’m not wearing it!) is to gently guide one of the children into the dental biz. Now, I know some people think it’s best to allow a child to grow and fulfill the natural gifts and abilities, but I have suddenly become an advocate for steering a child into a particular area or field of study – sort of nurturing an interest.

Now, I am sort of tongue in cheek about all these comments — bcz I don’t really want to push our children into a particular area of study or vocation unless that’s what the LORD is doing and has created them to do. I know He creates each one with special talents and abilities and with nurturing, care and training, they will most assuredly glorify Him in whatever they do as they are led by Him. So… my comment that our sons could be dental techs… well, that’s just one of many things that would be beneficial – but nothing outside the will of the LORD would be worth a moment’s effort, comfort or anything else. I pray they, each one, will be led of the LORD to do whatever He’s created them to do… and not be tempted by the pretty lures of the world… lures for things that would draw them away from serving the Living Lord.

quotebegin.gif For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand.
I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God,
than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.”
psalm 84.10


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  1. Thanks, Julie… I am thinking of lots of things to say about my inflexible friend. For now… I am still just smiling —and marveling the fact that the insignificant piece of plastic could make any significant improvement or provide that much service to the protection of my teeth or could possibly cost that much! It’s really very silly.

    Thanks for stopping by… blessings!

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