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blueheartmughalf.jpgWhat am I thinking about these days? Finding time. Finding time to write, to plan out some writing and some talks, to paint (not paint, paint… paint rooms in this house… no, I am not that creative), to work on some intense school drills with a few of the children, to iron the soon-to-be-a-mountain of shirts and dresses, to pull weeds around the raspberry bushes and about a gazillion more things.

Instead, today I spent quite a bit of time reclining… but first, I loved the long drive to Canada, marvelous conversations with Wes and the blessing to see all the beautiful trees, the evergreens and the spring leaves, and then, the beauty of the cherry blossoms fluttering everywhere as trucks and cars passed through tree lined streets.

So the reclining… I was receiving the kindest undivided attention and personal service. I was given such a pampering I don’t know why I detest resist such luxury! I was handed some special dark glasses so that I could rest, even headphones so that I could listen to soft music. A special pillow was placed under my neck and for a few minutes I enjoyed the pleasant conversation – well, that is, until my end of the conversation started to sound like the conversation of an inebriated person and then I began to drool and so decided that those pleasantries were finished – at least on my end of the conversation.

It seemed like hours… and it was – and then the pampering and relaxing time had come to an abrupt end. The rubber dam was removed, the block was removed, my cool glasses and headphones had to be set back and I had to somehow assume an upright position and not then walk like the aforementioned inebriated person. I thanked the doc for the Ativan another great visit, and I told him I see him when he gets back from the 3 month cruise I need to come back for a check-up or to have my new night-guard replaced… which the doc told me would need to happen. Hmmmm.

I think Wes was glad we won’t be going up there for such fun times again very soon. This has been a bit of a long haul… but I needed, in all, to have 18 teeth either filled, re-filled or crowned. It’s sort of a small kitchen remodel… in my mouth.

So next time I feel the need to have the kitchen remodeled (which is probably about every 30 minutes few days), I think I’ll just go open my mouth and look in the mirror and thank Wes and thank the LORD for the blessing of much needed dental work. I’m still thinking of the kitchen, though.
It did cross my mind that for all this, I really ought to have had some of those procedures done that make me look like a college student… you know: hello…. my name is Sheeeeenah, let me look into your sunglasses while I smile and say helloooooooooo to you with my artificially straight, bright-white teeeeeth.

As it is, one would not notice all the goodies I have received. But I know… and I am thankful. Tonight I try out my new toy… a night-guard… a plastic “appliance” that has been molded to fit my teeth (and save all this dental work) so that I don’t grind them down (any more).

squiggle.gif Got a great letter from Kathryn in Jinja, Uganda … you can read some of her letters here! She’s really doing well… and for that, we are so grateful to the Lord God. What a blessing she is.


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  1. Making night-guards would be an excellent business! They charge an arm and a leg for a simple little night-guard. Oh well, I’m hooked now – I can’t sleep without it! 🙂

  2. Thank you for that encouragement! Yes… last night, as my first night with it was a drooly night! ~smile~ And I can imagine, bcz I’m such a creature of habit, I will not be able to complete my nighttime routine without that part now. How about this… I am thinking we should have at least one of our children go into the night-guard biz! Wow!
    Thanks for writing! —-ps

  3. I have a night-guard – to keep me from grinding my teeth and to help with the TMJ. Oh my, you will drool a bit the first few nights, then it gets better. Pretty soon you will NOT be able to sleep without your night-guard – kind of like a pacifier!

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