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teacuppamela.pngI thought I would get to this earlier… but, alas, I did not. So tonight while Samuel was playing soccer and a few of the children went to cheer, a couple of left-behind’s were here finishing up their schoolwork… ooops!

I scurried around attempting to regain a bit of order here at home. Then some time here on the computer. O, for more minutes in the hours.

thinking blogger

For the “thinking blogger award” I’m to list five blogs that I regularly visit that make me think…

In an attempt to be concise about the five sites that are especially meaningful or thought provoking, I find that it appears I am excluding great sites. Sort of that conundrum one faces when naming meaningful friends or something—one does so at the risk of exclusion. It’s another of those unintended consequences of life. And so… I’ve decided that I’ll call the list *some* of the sites that really have me thinking and are, by no means, not the only five that do so.

First though, I want to say “thank you” to the three who’ve blessed me with their kind words, encouragement and inspiration to press on, to continue to share things the LORD is showing me and to continue to look for interesting articles, messages and links to share that will be… well, things to think about. So, to Keri Mae http://homeschoolblogger.com/AHappyHome I thank you and appreciate you, the life you’re living, the testimony of your home and family and for loving motherhood. To Cat at http://www.xanga.com/MrsCatherine I thank you and want you to know how grateful I am to you and to your husband for the challenge you have taken on to publish Making It Home magazine and for giving me the opportunity to be a columnist for you there. Thank you for the testimony of a life dedicated to the Lord and for striving for excellence. And to Kay, http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/KayinMaine, I thank you for your encouragement as a younger mother who is seeking to obey, follow and trust in the LORD for your family, to bravely train them up at home and to be joyful in your high calling. Thank you all… and may the LORD bless you abundantly as you walk with Him and as other see your radiance and give Him glory.

So… thinking, thinking, thinking…

v So here’s one: http://www.carlalynne.blogspot.com/
I’m fairly certain that this blog has me thinking and thinking and thinking… how in the world could I begin to implement even a fraction of the things Carla talks about and, what’s more, could I ever make the sacrifices she makes to achieve the goals she and her husband have for their family and future? Well, if nothing ever comes of working to be more self-sufficient as far as sustainable homesteading goes, I’ll know one thing’s for sure: I love reading about it and seeing it through Carla’s eyes.

Okay, here’s another:
And I’m gonna guess you’ll say this is a no-brainer. Of course this blog’s got me thinking and thinking and thinking – lots of the time and especially about what I need to be doing with our children, I might add. But it’s not just that and it’s not just that she’s another mother of many or that she’s not one of the “younger” bloggers… it’s more than that. So the blog? MommyLife. Yeah, yeah, but then, you knew that. Glad Barbara doesn’t critique grammar and writing style. At least not here. 😉

How about another:
This one I love bcz I could write these things… I don’t mean I could write them as well, but many of the things she writes about, I could write, too. Her children are a bit younger and many things are really not all that similar to my life and home… but, somehow I relate. So, Melodee’s blog: http://shrinkingmom.clubmom.com/ is a favourite—I read from time to time… it’s as fun to read as it is convicting. Well, convicting, bcz you know me and my umpteenth-and-one diet. Which, by the way I still need to… ahem, but I digress.

And then there is this one…
—far and away the least light-hearted and uplifting but probably the one I find really has me thinking – and praying not only for the specific topic being addressed, but also for “the church” in general! I have long appreciated the work and careful research of Slice of Laodicea which is now Christian Research Network. I also follow links from there and read some of those blogs fairly regularly. Those are the days I likely read up on what’s going on in the purpose driven world. (I know, that’s a registered couple of words) and those are the days I likely make a quick zip through Michelle Malkin’s blog, too.

And then finally, but certainly not lastly, I sure like Coffee and a muffin. No… I really do. And with that coffee and a muffin, I like Coffee and a Muffin – Kim’s site that has me thinking about homey stuff, good-for-you foods, family stuff and, well… it’s inspirational, too.

For more great reads… see the dear to me blogs in the left column and the etcetera stuff, too. However, even these are not the only marvels…

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