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teacuppamela.pngOkay… I must say that I was outraged discouraged by that mock drill in the Burlington, NJ high school the other day. And, I admit, I was particularly offended by the inferences that Christians are gun-toting rebels who are propelled to hysteria if they can’t (or as in this case, their children can’t) pray in school. I hate the hijacking of the Constitution, the smearing of the Bible and mocking believers and the faith.

But I also hate some of the stupid things that are going on in the “church,” too. I put quotes around that bcz I know that not all believers are part of the circus and things like Giving Kiosks in church building foyers. And, pretty soon, Al Gore won’t be the only one nicknamed the Shaman of Global doom and gloom or the shaman of global goofiness…. I won’t be surprised if many well known preachers get slapped with such a label. But… it won’t be the kinder-gentler contemplative, emergent types who’ve on purpose made themselves as inoffensive and fluid as Cool-aid. I was purpose driven in spelling Kool-aid that way, btw.

But as much as I was irritated by that school drill and another such drill a few years ago… I don’t think Christians ought to stoop to that abysmal level of immaturity and attempt to retaliate with some new crusade. Now that name’s taken from the mock drill and the label given to the terrorists who entered the school armed and dangerous in revenge over a daughters’ being denied the right to pray at school. Okay… so we know that it was a hit on Christians, and we know that some unbelievers, pagans, atheists… yada, yada, yada are hostel toward Believers—those whom they see as a threat to their “rights” and activities. Okay… fine. But you know… to it’s incumbent on us to behave rationally and to see these attacks for what they are. And to stir our hearts to pray and then, obviously, to live according to the Word.
The New Crusaders site does this quite well—showing first the absurdity of possible retaliation and also cleverly points out, by way of hypothetical questions, what *truly* would happened if the “gunmen” were, say… homosexual, or say… ah: Muslim, or say… any defined ethnicity and if the reason was any thing other than the stupid oppressive fundamental Christian activities. And then, finally, to shed true light on the situation.
These sorts of news pieces should not cause us furor, but rather should truly be a wake-up call to believers. I share some of these sorts of things to show one thing: the apathy of believers and what’s happening in the wake of the church today.

He *I*S* Risen… just as HE said. It is good news. It is The Good News.


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