I forgot I didn’t ever want to ever…

…have a garage sale again.  You know how I often say: write stuff down, for you will surely forget it?  Well, this day reminds me to write stuff down, lest I forget and fall into temptation.  So, the temptation was before me: should we have a garage sale or not?  So… I was thinking this morning: O, what was I thinking?  And then we had a couple of people come by and look at the things.

“What will you take for these?”
“Two dollars”
“O, that’s too much.”
“What?  I paid 40 x’s that much for those.”  (O, btw, that’s what I was thinking!)
Then I say… “Okay… one (1) dollar.”
“O, okay… I guess I could pay that much.”
“Riiiiiiigggghhhttt.”  (O, sorry… I  thought  that one, too)
And sweetly smiled and thanked the man profusely for coming by and parting with *ON*E* dollar.

“How much for the gate?
“Five dollars.”
“O, that’s too much.  I wanted wood.”
I’m smarter now… “O, I see. Sorry, we couldn’t help you there.”
“We need it for the dog.”
“Hmmm…” (I say, smiling)
“O, well…. I guess we’ll have to… keep looking…”
“Okaaaaay.  Sorry, Eeyore.  Have a nice day!”
(O, c’mon, I’m just kidding —I don’t know if the man’s name was Eeyore or not.  I *did* smile and tell them, Have a nice day!)
Here we have all this gloriously valuable stuff (well, maybe some of it is really junque) and we also have a rainy nice spot to set it out and, we do, after all, have all the traffic in the county driving by, so… how about a garage sale?  That was two days ago.

Today we’ve tarped and untarped, tarped and untarped… the showroom area. ~wink~  And people have stopped by and have parted with hard earned dollars quarters.   And the children have had opportunity to demonstrate sweet manners and self control (to not make comments about this or that “customer” and how much we originally thought we ask for this or that item) and to help keep things neat and orderly.  They’ve seen free enterprise at work—read: free.

So, I’m inside taking a break, reading mail, drinking a cup of Earl Grey Tea and eating a Zone bar… and decided to blog this day… so that perhaps someone can remind me, in case I forget… that I don’t ever want to ever have another garage sale ever again. Ever.  And I hope there isn’t a next time that I… blog on this.

Well, gotta go… it’s my turn to man the can of quarters cash box and greet the shoppers.   The greeting the shoppers really has been nice.  I’m thinking I’d be a whole lot better at just putting out a sign and say something like: Come by for a cup of tea… you don’t even have to buy it!

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  1. Oh I really do not like to have yard sales. I don’t like it when people try to haggle me for prices since I mark my items so low anyway! I don’t have yard sales to make a million bucks, just to bless others who need my stuff. We usually would use the money to take the children to the local Chinese restaurant (their favorite). I had a yard sale almost 4 years ago and vowed to never again. I now just give my stuff to the Salvation Army since they blessed my family when I was a child. And the Salvation Army will come get all my stuff too so I don’t have to go anywhere!

    It’s too bad you live so far away. I would have loved to come for tea and perhaps buy a trinket or two. And I wouldn’t haggle you either!

    Oh, and I loved that you named the man Eeyore. I laughed out laugh at your comment. 🙂 I have a sister in law that reminds me of Eeyore so much. Little did I know that it was her favorite Pooh character. Coincidence? I think not!!

    Mrs. Damian Garcia

  2. i can definitely relate to exactly what you are saying about the garage sale thingy. You really have a gift of words. I feel as though I have experienced your day today myself. and……i am remembering that i wrote the same thing down somewhere……”don’t have another garage sale”. thank you for a little glimpse of your life today.

  3. i can agree with you one hundred percent about the garage sale thing. your writing is so true to life. you definitely have a gift of words. i can picture your day just as if i was right there myself. LOL! and…….i can so relate. thanks for the little window into your day…..it brightened mine.

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