Another boy deal…

So, we came home from the wedding.  Whew… were we ever tired—long day of hurry-scurry and then it was over, the reception was all set up, served and cleaned up and we looked forward to a rest.  We’d had a whirlwind weekend with Timothy stopping in to spend the night and to leave while we were at the wedding.
We returned home and came in to see that Timothy had left notes on the counter before he headed back to Oregon to Mission’s/Bible school.

So on this sheet of paper I see an empty Top Ramen package with a note that read: See exhibit A:  (and the words) Ramen package with opening.  Then an arrow points to the portion of the package that was chewed.  On a second sheet there was a note that read: see exhibit B and an arrow pointed to a circle drawn on the page.  In the circle were tiny evidences that a mouse had been in the drawer.  Ah yes.  Boys.

The girls screamed and shrieked.  The boys practically passed out from laughing.

Ah, the pleasures of living in an old-old farmhouse.  And… O, the pleasures of boys.

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  1. Yes! What a gift boys are and what a gift girls are… O, how sad I’d be and much I’d have missed had I never known these children. I know you feel the same about yours and the one you’re carrying, too! What a blessed gift of the LORD it is to be a mother! bless you!

  2. Your post made me smile. I “only” have 1 boy but he sure has me in stitches each day. I firmly believe that until you experience each a boy and a girl that you truly never know just how different they are!!

    Thanks for the smile ~

    Mrs. Damian Garcia

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