Kathryn’s Letters and another birthday

What a blessing it has been to be able to occasionally talk with Kathryn on the phone and also to receive her letters from Jinja, Uganda where she’s working in an orphanage.  I know as she wraps up the month of March there, she’s likely thinking that the time is moving too swiftly!

Her letters have been such a source of encouragement to us and have really been informative as to the nature of her work there and all that’s going on.

I’m missing her very much today as we’ve just returned from celebrating my birthday with most all our children and grand-dears, too.  I looked around the room… all the children seated at the table and it was a bittersweet thing to be missing two of them.  I smiled as I pictured the days ahead and considered that perhaps for the next birthday there would be more or fewer at the table.  One thing I know and it is this: all God’s ways are good and all His paths are peace.  I trust Him for that and rest in His grace and merciful kindness.

One of the sweetest things I received for my birthday was a bouquet of tulips from Naomi… I love that she was so enthusiastic to ask daddy to drive her to the store so she could buy a card and the tulips, and chocolates!  She doesn’t know about the umpteenth and one diet. :o)  and perhaps I send to many mixed messages… one day *no* bad food.  The next day some bad food and maybe a mocha, the next day no bad food… and on and on and on.

But now… my birthday has passed and I am older and wiser and perhaps I learned something this birthday… I was reflecting on how the LORD has blessed through the years and I determined to not miss another day by fretting over what wasn’t done well enough and instead, to just be glad.  Glad… that’s what I want the year ahead to be… a glad year.

Here’s a link for Kathryn’s Letters


0 thoughts on “Kathryn’s Letters and another birthday

  1. Thank you!
    YES… no diet for the birthday. I think Carne Asada and Chips and Salsa could be included in my everyday menu just fine… O, and ice cream, too!

    Yes… she will have a very difficult time leaving them.

  2. Happy belated birthday :). I think diets are void on birthdays… ;).
    I have really been enjoying Kathryn’s letters, what a growing experience. I can’t imagine how hard it will be for her to leave some of the babies.

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