valentine’s day…

Did you miss it?
I just received a link for making a cute valentine heart.

Yep, a coupla days late. I like Necco sweethearts and I’m always disappointed when I taste a conversation heart that’s not a Necco heart. Anyway… too late for this year, but the Necco site‘s got a lot of fun things.

In addition to conversation hearts, I think that brown necco’s were my favourite! O, and I loved Abba-Zaba and Violet Crumble… and Big Hunk and… of course, M&M’s. Why I am not diabetic is the 50,000 dollar question. Maybe it’s bcz dentistry vs. candy consumption has made a significant impact. Well, if you want to take a sticky stroll down memory lane, here’s a site for you: “candy you ate as a kid.”


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