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teacuppamela.pngI think one of the problems with simply borrowing books from libraries instead of buying copies for our own libraries is that we can’t go back and revisit a chapter or even a meaningful sentence very easily. That, and it’s frowned upon to mark up borrowed books. =o)

So I was browsing book availability (read: eBay, Half and Craig’sList) and a book title popped up – a book I’d read last year and found to be encouraging. Now, the trouble with books I read last year (or, rather, my memory of the content) is that I had had surgery and my consciousness was, early on, altered and therefore, my memory doesn’t serve me right or allow me to bring up specifics. But isn’t it interesting that I do remember all the names of the caregivers, docs and nurses who were attending to me. Well, that’s either good or bad. In most cases it was neither – but in a couple, it was the latter.

So I read a book by Cheri Fuller: The Mom You’re Meant to Be, and just today I came across a “study guide” for that book. I guess I liked the book because it was a reminder to me to make the best of every single day and had specific suggestions for doing so. Anyway… here’s the link for the guide. You’d be helped by having the book – but even if you don’t, her questions are good springboards for your consideration and answers. Here you go.
Week 8, and Chapter 39, in particular, was especially meaningful to me.

You know… one of the most wonderful things I noticed today, along with many accomplishments around here? Ah… it’s nearly 5pm and it’s still light outside. O, the hope of glorious Springtime. Wintertime in the PacificNorthwest is very, very… very… very dim—most days.


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  1. That’s a great idea or method of decision making! I know what you mean about checking out a book over and over… we’ve done that many times. Usually it’s a book that’s out of print or has been impossible to find… till eBay. ~wink~
    thanks for writing.

  2. i have a policy that if I check out a book more than twice (and read it) if I want to buy it then I figure out how to. Otherwise I will just keep checking it out over and over again and no one else will get to use it.

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