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blueheartmughalf.jpgEach day there are tremendously encouraging or insightful blog entries that I wish I had time to link and share and, in addition, we receive emails each day from brothers and sisters in many different places and walks of life, along with an entry or two in our guestbook on our website each day and I wish I could share them all. From time to time I highlight a guest’s website so that others can also enjoy what we’re seeing and be blessed by other people’s efforts. Today was no exception. Two , in particular, stood out today. One, as always, Barbara links to the most pertinent or informative things!

I had seen this Dove piece a few weeks ago and thought how sad it is that ideals are less than skin deep. And it is because of these ideals that women come to a point of hating themselves because they never match up—never—and they never will because the ideals are a figment of someone’s imagination–the imagination at the end of an airbrush. Take a look at Barbara’s blog posting here.

The other link was one we received in the guestbook. Not only the modesty article, but also the weblog here. I must say, I was first intrigued by the name of the website alone: the Conservative Brunette. It’s name doesn’t correlate with a political group or fashion industry… quite the opposite, really. I love the fresh enthusiasm of younger sisters… I’ve much to learn from them as I walk along becoming too familiar with the path and forget to be eager and enthusiastic about the road ahead.
Time’s up… table linens await and are calling my name. And there’s that very important task of getting the Christmas letters and cards in the mail… yes, paper, envelopes and stamps! ~smile~ Old fashioned things are sweet!

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  1. Dear Pamela,

    Just to bring it to your attention: the link you posted to Barbara Curtis’s site is a dot com instead of dot net. The dot com takes you to an insurance company…or something. No biggie, but I thought you’d like to know! 🙂

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.


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