link for spanish to english translator

If your spanish (or other language, for that matter) skills are not sharp and if you need to have something translated, click this link:

I received a letter this morning and wanted to be sure of the precise translation. Now, it’s a word-for-word translation and so doesn’t “read well” but you’ll get the gist of the matter. I only say this for impersonal letters… getting the gist of something is not the same as getting the literal intended meaning. Many things get lost in “translation.”

This wasn’t intended to veer toward Bible translations or interpretations or paraphrases… but I see some similarities and the extreme liberties taken these days.

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  1. We found something similar to this the other day. I don’t remember what it was called…something fish-y. If you ever want to have a laugh you could visit YouTube and translate some of the silly comments from other languages. Caution though, I stopped visiting there regularly because of all the junk that came through. I only go if Slice has a link for something they are posting.

    In Christian love,
    Mrs. Garcia

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