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blueheartmughalf.jpgI’ll get back to writing about stuff from the home-front and slices of life.  And there’s much to say – much to write.  But, mygoodness, there is so much going on that it seems it begs to be revealed. At least that’s how it seems to me, anyway.

So, for now… the links on this blog have apparently been restored, I’ve corrected a bunch of dead links on the ACH website  (a seemingly never ending activity) and added some new articles and modest clothing sites along with suggestions for stuff to do.  We’ve got a full plate—probably very much like you: many things need to be done before the day’s over and we fall into bed to rest up for the full days ahead.

But thanks for dropping by to read.  I know it’s a downer to keep reading about the incredible activities of factions in the church.  It’s hard to not comment—really hard.  May the LORD help us all.


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  1. Thanks, Pamela, for not beating around the bush on your blog. I see the church going down such a slippery slope, buying into so many lies and shutting the mouths of those who speak out against it by telling them they are judgmental and legalistic.Keep speaking the truth!

  2. Thank you, Kathy—
    You are so right – if all would continue daily in the Word, all these deceptions would immediately be cited as such and nipped in the bud instead of causing a stir when they’ve already taken root, choked out truth and have yielded the fruit of deception and feeding countless numbers who’re deceiving and being further deceived. I think this is where the “itchy ears” of the church continue to clamour for more and yet don’t realize that the things they’re hearing (while containing a thin thread of truth) are actually stunning departures from the Way of the LORD.
    I noted the concept of sheeple… how appropriate that is! Thanks for your encouragement!

  3. Hi, Pamela:
    Keep on writing the truth! It makes me so sad (and angry) to see what is happening in the modern church, and the “sheeple” that follow blindly. How it must grieve God to see what is going on in the church! If more people would actually read the Word, there would be a LOT less deception.

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