The Tender Mercies of the LORD

blueheartmughalf.jpgWe’re home again and it’s really incredibly sweet to be here tonight.  As I look out the window and see the reflection of lights—reflection of lights?!?!? my senses are jangled as we do not ordinarily have “lake front” property…  The flood waters are receding but will likely remain in the farmlands for quite a while.  We now see, in a whole new light, the merciful kindness of the LORD and praise Him for His tender mercies.  We are humbled at His protection and provision.  I’ll write more about it all later.  For now, I have posted a few pictures.  But this one is one of my favourites in a tender hearted sort of way.

melias table

more pics here.


  1. Thank you! The LORD *is* and has been very merciful to us all. We are so grateful. —blessings to you and thanks for your kind note! —pamela

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