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blueheartmughalf.jpgWellp, it’s been a great day.  We had the loveliest drive to Canada.  Yes… it’s a drive –but always worth it.  The autumn leaves were spectacular (probably not as they would be in the New England states, but incredibly beautiful nonetheless).  With each turn of the road, it was like we were continually entering a new and better showcase at an art exhibit of priceless masterpieces.

Those who know Wes know that he always carries his camera to capture the changing seasons and priceless pics wherever he goes.  I know, I know… lots of people around here think he got that first digital camera so that he could snap thousands of images of the little dolly when she was born.   And while that’s true… another truth is, he really can’t pass up the masterpieces the LORD creates each day.  When morning gilds the skies…  for the beauty of the earth… and so on and so on.  Wes takes pictures of beautiful countrysides, sunsets, storm clouds, babies sleeping, flowers blooming, winter trees, spring trees, summer trees and autumn trees… and children in tire swings and little ones with chocolate-chip cookie faces and jelly smiles.  I attempt to write or describe what I see because I’m not so good at taking pictures.

So we drove along admiring the incredible colours.  Wes bought me a top of the line food processor in Canada.  Well, first he had to buy me a canal and a post… but then he bought me that top of the line food processor.  I had to wait a couple of hours to try it out –my mouth was too numb and I didn’t want to embarrass Wes at the “food-court” by drooling as I tried out the new food processor.  In a couple of weeks he will take me back to Canada (yes, for more photo ops) to get a custom made top-of-the-line cover for my food processor.  It’s going to match my other appliances perfectly (so I’m told!) and I would even notice a difference (again, so I’m told).

People wonder why we go to Canada for  (okay, okay… I’ll try and act smart here) dental work.  Simple.  We found a doc we really like and he charges less than docs around here and does excellent work (we think).  I get a full day’s date with Wes and Wes gets lots of photo ops.  Anyway, I had had the root canal done already and so a post put in today to support the build up and crown for my tooth (or what was a partial tooth).  Since I really do need a new food processor (as in machine/appliance) and this is as close as I am going to get to one at this point, I decided to call the new tooth a food processor.  I mean, it really is, after all.  I was a bit concerned that Wes would need to see a cardiologist when the nice receptionist handed him the food processor bill.  He gently asked if the appliance cover next week would be additional, and she replied, “O, yes… what she has now is temporary — you can take care of the completed crown payment at your next visit.”
He never frets over stuff.  I guess that’s why I can tease about comments or thoughts he might have. A couple of hours later he was still stopping for one more tree… and I was stopping for ibuprophen and a grandemocha… whip? yes, please from S’bucks.

We were both happy with our treats.


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