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blueheartmughalf.jpgThe sweet blessings I’ve had the privilege to enjoy through the years of maintaining A Christian Home website are the wonderful letters and testimonies that visitors send me. It’s been particularly true regarding the matter of feminine dress and the LORD’s touch and direction for many women and girls. I used to feel like I was one of few who saw or heard the biblical message of modesty and feminine dress for women and girls. It has seemed that women everywhere are coming to the same conclusion regarding “what in the world to wear.” I recall a time when I was in junior high school and I was wondering what to wear for a school “dress-up day.” My mother deadpanned: “Why don’t you wear a dress and go as a girl?” Though I did wear dresses and liked to sew, in those days much of the time my wardrobe for winter consisted of cords and Levi’s 501 jeans –and for summer: Levi’s 501 jeans: cut off. I probably was annoyed at her comment at the time, but seriously, through the years that statement has resonated with me and come to mind many, many times.

Couple that comment with a thought I had some years back: would I want Wes to reach over to my side of the closet and wear *my* clothes? Then why in the world would I be comfortable wearing (clothes like) his? If the Bible clearly speaks against men being effeminate, then clearly, women being masculine is (or should be) just as abominable. But our society doesn’t exactly go that way, does it? Our society seeks to obliterate God’s perfect design and now, men are so confused, they don’t know who they are or who the ought to be with and women are seeking to be like men ought to be and men are seeking to be like feminine women — it’s outrageous (or it ought to be!). The enemy is relentlessly attempting to thwart God’s design and beautiful order. Deuteronomy 22.5 is clear when distinguishing what is to be worn: “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

Some would argue that that is Old Testament Law… but I believe that the Old is very instructive and fleshes out the New Testament (and vice versa). We have much to glean from God’s simple order of creation and His distinction of male and female. I fully and firmly believe God’s divine plan, the marvelous distinctions He created should be recognized and revered. I think we reverence the LORD by our delight in His creation—what better way than not only accepting His design but embracing it. I so wish I had taken my mom’s advice at the time! I wore dresses a great deal of the time in my adult life, but, probably fifteen years ago I took her advice and eliminated the pants and I think of her: “Why don’t you wear a dress and go as a girl?” comment. And I smile.

Here’s a sweet letter I received this evening:

Dear A Christian Home,
Lately I have been praying on the subject for modest dress. Today I got an answer from Jesus! I was afraid to tell my mom how I felt about skirts dresses etc…… and I asked God for help. My mom went shopping for me came back and said everything looked awful! She couldn’t find me jeans of shirts or skirts! She told me this “Ashley I’m sorry I couldn’t find you anything, you will have to wear skirts until we find something, besides I like you better in skirts than in pants.”. God works in amazing ways! I’m still wearing what jeans I do have (my mom said not waste), but when they wear out I will never buy jeans again! I am so happy, so free so much at peace! It all happened because I found your web site and it convicted me ! The truth blew me away! I sew (thank you Jesus!) so I can make my own stuff! Thank again for your wonderful articles, you touched me! I am 14, and some say I’m a “typical teen”, but I am a change teen forever! Words can not express my thanks! God Bless!
Love, Ashley M. 14
ps. I was wondering if you could post this letter on your blog? Maybe it can help another teen find Gods will for her life in dress!

3 thoughts on “Wear a dress and go as a girl…

  1. Thank you for writing, Elena — I really appreciate how you’ve succinctly articulated the matter in this way: “I think it’s the overall effect the individual creates.” This is the crux of what I’m wishing to communicate! Thank you and may God bless you and your home. <3

  2. I firmly believe that men should look like men and women should look like women. In my own personal life, I wear dresses and skirts the vast majority of the time because my husband prefers it and it’s one small thing I can do for him. If it’s really cold outside, I may wear jeans from time to time as I don’t see that as being wrong or less feminine. When the Bible was written, there were no pants at that time so I don’t view them as intrinsically male or female. I don’t believe a woman wearing pants looks masculine as long as her hair, blouse/sweater/top and accessories are clearly feminine (what I’m not crazy about is a woman with truly short hair and tailored pants and blouse). Also, I don’t view a Scotsman wearing a kilt or a Middle Eastern man wearing a flowing robe as being feminine either. I think it’s the overall effect the individual creates. JMO.

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