this is going to go a whole lot slower…

half mug… than I thought.   I don’t think there are enough hours in the minutes of this morning to do the work necessary to make this a recognizable blogsite…….. but maybe after this gray morning clears… and the sun comes out (really!) I’ll be enthused to work on this mess. For now, I think I’ll take the wise advice and go in the kitchen and fix mochas for whoever wants to sympathize with me. I know I won’t be drinking them alone. ~smile~

Thanks to all who’re sympathizing with Glenys and her former website fiasco. If there are anymore links to verse for loving hearts that you happen to see on AChristianHome website, please let me know. I think we’ve gotten them all eliminated. (For those who are new to this, Glenys closed down the poetry and verse website and it was snatched up by a vulgar group who are using it as a pornsite now.)

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments on this blog and mine. I have contacted freewebs and they have fixed the link so that it now opens as website unknown. What a relief! / Blessings, Glenys

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