♥ Favourite Places to go…

Of all my favourite,  favourite places, Orcas Island is probably my most favourite.  Not only because we lived there for a sweet year nearly thirty years ago but also because of the timeless magnificent beauty and tranquility of the Island.  Accessible by Ferry (or other watercraft or small plane!),  Orcas Island is known as The Gem of the San Juan Islands in Washington State, USA.

The Outlook Inn is a particular favourite — as is the Orcas Hotel, among numerous other places.One of my favourite walks to take is the stroll through the many quaint stores and shoppes in Eastsound.  It seems there is always some bit of change among the things that never change.  I guess that’s sort of like our lives — always changing but with some wonderful unchangeables.

Another delightful place to celebrate a special occasion or milestone in life is the Harrison Hotsprings Resort in British Columbia, Canada.  Wes and I have spent several anniversaries at this lovely resort.  I suppose that’s one marvelous advantage to having had a mid winter wedding!  We’ve enjoyed the deep discounts of the off-season (and + mid-week) rates at a few lovely hotels in our area through the years. Harrison is in a wonderful and majestic destination following a beautiful drive through long stretches of pictorial countryside and snow-capped mountains.We’ve enjoyed the benefits of being one of relatively few guests in the whole resort at that time of year.

Still another delightful place to spend a special birthday or an anniversary is The  Wild Iris Inn in LaConner.  I’d recommend a stay there any time from mid March through May.  Though I must add that the weeks of late March – early April also bring thousands of daffodil and tulip photographers and tourists!!  Even still, the fields are filled with breath-taking colour and beauty!  If you’ve never driven through Skagit Valley in the Spring, be sure it’s on your Bucket List to do so!!  There’s nothing like the beauty of the fields of brilliant reds, pinks, yellows and greens.

A stay in the summer months will allow you to visit the many fields of berries — strawberries, blue berries and raspberries throughout the summer months!  Not to mention opportunities to picnic at Kayak Point beach.

more favourites to be added another time…

I never stopped hoping we’d ever go to Hawaii, but I had stopped dreaming and had stopped wishing we could go… and then it happened.  Along the way I’ll tell you about it.  So now… my favourite place is Kona-Kailua, Hawaii.